By NBF News

Cleric and Senior Pastor, Royalty Christian Centre, Pastor David Adeoye has listed nutritional imbalance, immorality and restlessness as potential causes of sicknesses, some of which experts say are incurable. Pastor Adeoye who spoke at a one- day lecture titled ' Cure for incurable diseases' held at the Church auditorium, Omotoye Estate, Old Iyana - ipaja Road, Agege, Lagos affirmed that some of the diseases which defile solutions more often than not only require enough sleep and water in the body system for cure.

He espoused the importance of adequate rest, adding that excessive subjection of the body to work without rest can cause break down of the immune system and invasion of deadly diseases . According to the Cleric who is the convener of ' Word Wonder' Symposium held recently ' working without off-duties for relaxation can induce stress and its consequences of sickness.

He advised employers of labour to discourage their Staff from selling their leave period for money adding that this can negatively affect the health and wellness of the workforce and productivity. He lamented the untold ignorance on health issues the people face, blaming it on experts who cash in on what he described as ' Psycho immunology ' -study of human mind and immunity state of mind to ply their trade.

While welcoming other School of thought, Pastor Adeoye stated that whatever a man does to bring about his wellness is a good method. He added that ' some of the diseases experts diagnose as incurable are both spiritually and physically induced, while others are as a result of eating habits.

'To say that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is incurable is spiritually untenable since man is spirit and every thing that happens to him physically is programmed from the spirit realm, even the virus carrying the disease is subject to death, ' he added. He pointed out that the essence of the lecture is to create awareness in the minds of the public to the fact that it is not always diseases people declare incurable are truly so. He cited instances where mere psychological , nutritional and medical counseling has helped in the healing of his members ailments, adding that ' it is not only food aspect that keeps wellbeing. The mind and immunity must be involved.

While analyzing the origin of diseases, Pastor Adeoye cited sin as one of them, saying that Jesus Christ first took care of sins before healing. Said he: ' there were no sickness until man sinned. It was because of fall of man that sin came. The oldest preacher in Nigeria, Rev. Sabela, is 110 years old' He said that the fundamental secrets of wellness is happiness and joy, adding that ' a little moment of disturbance can break down the immune system , and a merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones [proverb 17:22].And Every time you're happy , your lifespan increases ' the Cleric said. He added that sin was a curse God placed on man, which brought Jesus Christ for redemption.

On the increasing rate of diseases in the world, Pastor Adeoye opined that' the World will keep having more diseases because of increase in sinful activities. And the more we have sins, the more diseases continue to spread in the system. It is a sin problem and abomination people commit that give rise to various sicknesses we have today.