By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Don't tell me about Ahiajoku without Igbo Spirituality,
Because you never cared enough to be Igbo.

Are many not Ndigbo in costume?

Ahiajoku without Igbo Spirituality is like telling beautiful lies
Or a Catholic priest celebrating mass without his cassock.

Every Igbo should stand on the fundamental of our Spirituality
which stands at the cradle of true DNA as who we are.

Abandoning our Spirituality is eroding who Ndigbo were to live.
Sadly, the Igbo have built a foreign hall over their own.

You might not see the poet's angle
without a high-powered monitoring telescope;

without teaching the languages, songs,
and stories of the Igbo ancestors.

Ndigbo have to grow from the inside
and understand that the relics of imperialism

can't make us who we were, a people who knew
how to guide their soul, in their own way...

Ndigbo without their Spirituality is a confusing place.

Nov. 30 2019.