Buhari Make Up Your Mind Jor

By Farouk Martins Aresa
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There are many of us interested in mature women over the age of 30, not those younger ones. Those can be annoying and a turn-off for older mature men. We understand all the reasons some older men go for young girls, but they do not appeal to men like us. We like mature ladies. Too many young men cry that older men are taking over their young mates. Please do not lump all these men together. Some of us have taste and recognize a good gem as Sadiya Umar Farouk.

There is something charming about older or mature women. They want to enjoy men, not fight them. Most mature women know what they want in life. They are done with those men playing games, they have grown into a career they want and are independent enough not to be a burden on any man. Yes, there are few regrets about a few nice guys they could have paid more attention to and others they have turned down because those did not meet their standard.

Moreover, mature women's careers are very important to them. It is true that if some have to do it all over, they would have given up their careers for that one guy they remember very well. But then, he later got married to someone else. So, life continues. There is no reason or enough time to cry over missed opportunities. Let us be frank, nobody has it all. The imagined picture of a super woman with multiple arms is a lie just as that of a superman.

So Buhari we have waited long enough. If any of us get that pretty lady while you are waiting to strike or undecided, tell your military henchmen to back off. There should be no surveillance, harassment or maiming of any man that values a beautiful woman in his life and cannot wait to go for Sadiya, a mature pretty lady for that matter.

However, we have seen the long list of items Africans in general as Nigerian parents demand from the suitors of their daughters. As if those items are not discouraging enough, we have also seen the videos of parents asking how many lashes of koboko a man can take before they will give out their daughters. Kai! Drain a man’s savings and/or dislocate him with koboko!

Seriously? You really mean to bankrupt a man before he enjoys a loving relationship with your daughter. By the time he took so many strokes of koboko on the back, the main instrument in front would have been rendered useless and bankrupt. On the other hand, if he has to pay for all the items demanded on the list, there is nothing left to feed your daughter. In other words, the suitors of your daughters would be castrated physically and financially before marriage.

Therefore Buhari, make your first move now or forever stay clear. We know you were a General in the Army and a rich man after that since you claim you can now afford to enjoy Western luxuries. Your designer pair of shoes have been pointed out lately, abi na Okrika made sef? If you go first we may see how Buhari “a frugal man” would pay or give away all the items on the list, not to even think about who would dare use that koboko. Buhari we dare you, you go first!

We heard of all those stories that Aisha Buhari is adamantly against it. Haba Aisha, let the man enjoy small nah. You want to be the only one married to the Head of State, the General Military Ruler that gave us Operation War Against Indiscipline (WAI), and the Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Aisha, abeg don’t be selfish, allow another man daughter to enjoy small nah!

But Buhari’s loss of Sadiya Is another man's gain. There are some graceful Africana about the way Sadiya walks, the way she talks, the way she looks and the whole African moves. She must be an angel in disguise. There was a song by Elvis Presley along the same line. It could also be the song by Eddie Okonta: mo ti wae wae l'Eko o Abeni. Ani Pele ojue o Etike, Ibadie o, Ayakata!

Fela Anikulapo Kuti told us to shoot straight, enough playing around by F’Omu Sere. Do you love Sadiya to the depth and breadth and height of your heart? So, Buhari make up your mind and stop looking at Sadiya from the side of your eyes. Others are also watching and waiting to make their moves. Abegi, park make we pass jor!

Buhari might see all news reports on Sadiya as gossip without reality in his deeds or attention. However, Aisha cannot call it fake news and call for control of Free Speech after the leaked video of her. If the choice is between Free Press, Censorship and Death Penalty for looters, we are better off with Free Press. Aisha, if China with 1.2b people can institute death penalty for looters, Nigeria with 1.8m people can do the same for looters and let Free Press reign.

If just one of us has his way with Sadiya, everybody will be happy: Buhari will be glad that he has not disappointed his extended family that are behind this since he has no interest in Sadiya, Aisha will be happy and Sadiya will be happy too. Can anybody think of a better solution?

FYI: This query arose from an admirer whose sister is a friend of the author’s half-brother from another mother; reported by a man of God. Sey you get nah?

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