Ijo Orunmila Petitions Inspector General Of Police

By Apapo Odu
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Following constant harassment, defamation of character, extortion, and continued demonization of members of Ijo Orunmila Apapo Odu, and members of the esteemed Traditional religion of worship ingenious to Africans and Nigerians at large; Ijo Orunmila Apapo Odu on Friday 15th November 2019 confirmed that it has signed a petition to be delivered to the Inspector general of Police in a bid to set the record straight, while putting an end to the continuous harassment, victimization, and infringement of members fundamental right as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution 1999 as amended, by officers of the Nigerian police force.

Speaking to journalist in Ile-Ife on Friday, after a meeting held by the Council of Araba’s centered on defamation of the characters of Traditional worshippers in Nigeria, the Founder of Ijo Orunmila Apapo Odu traditional house of worship International, Chief Ifaleke Awurela expressed disdain and dissatisfaction over the continuous harassment by officers of the Nigerian police force, targeted on Traditional worshippers, while confirming that a petition to that effect had been signed and sent to the Inspector General of Police.

He made note that several cases had been reported to various temples, where officers of the police force harass, extort, victimize and coerce traditional worshippers to submission based on their religious association and affiliations. Citing a more recent attack on a member of the Ijo Orunmila Agbowa Temple who was arrested, defamed and extorted to the tune of 50,000 (fifty thousand naira) solely on his religious affiliation and inclinations.

Reiterating that traditional worshipping is aboriginal and that the Nigerian constitution recognizes it, the Founder of Ijo Apapo Odu (Ifaleke Awurela) further said that the records have to be set straight and stereotypical impressions reversed as officers of the NPF cannot continue to denigrate our religion and way of life in the public domain by harassing members of the Ifa tradition.

We are law-abiding, therefore; we have to be respected like both Christians and Muslims because our religious ethos does not violate any of the tenets of the Nigerian constitution 1999 as amended. It is in this regard that we (Ijo Orunmila Apapo Odu traditional house of worship international) have written a petition to the IG to wade into these issues with alacrity.