My Appeal To Bobi's Supporters:

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
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I come in peace today, especially because this is my happy hour. I'm basically asking you to take off your People Power hat for a minute, and put on your "patriot" hat.

1.This ongoing propaganda against Dr.Kiiza Besigye, particularly, calling him a "comedian" or " mole" working for Museveni, should stop. What you're doing is benefitting Bobi Wine in short term, but damaging to the opposition in general, and you are rationalizing the obscene into the palatable. Besigye is clearly dedicated to the cause, he's relentless and he's exceptionally fearless. I know you love a band wagon but this is Besigye we are talking about. People found it hard to use such propaganda in 2016 because Amama Mbabazi, who was, and probably still is, closer to Museveni, was in the race. But it's convenient now for obvious reasons.

2.Museveni's doing everything possible to shred the youths vote in pieces .With a 40 year old Bobi possibly standing for presidency in 2021, this is what Museveni is going to do, to cut through the youths vote. Somebody younger, or in the same age bracket as Bobi, is going to be handpicked by Museveni to run as another independent opposition candidate. Youths groups backing him and the incumbent will be formed, and will be well facilitated. S/he will come out hard against Museveni and somehow steal Bobi's thunder. S/ he won't flip- flop in the middle of the elections - as the intention is to distract the youths. If all that don't work to Museveni 's expectations, I expect some charges to be brought against Bobi before the elections- he always arrests a 'big fish' before or after the elections. My biggest concern is the time we are wasting on an election that has already been rigged.

3. Presidential elections in Uganda mean nothing anymore- it's just a chance for Museveni to show the might of his power to his opponents- it's a game for him where the winner is already known before even play starts.Therefore, I appeal to Bobi Wine not to stand in the presidential race 2021. We want him to remain MP for now, gain more experience, and help a lot of opposition ladies and gents get elected. Museveni is going to rip him apart before and after the elections, if he goes ahead to stand. He can make a lasting difference in parliament, and working with Besigye. My motivations may seem atrocious, since I have always favoured Besigye for the presidency, but my logic is sound. Bobi shouldn't let ambition cloud his judgement- he isn't the only one in Uganda who wants to become president.

This is the best part- I have no idea if Besigye will stand again though I strongly believe that he won't. There are a lot of variables involved before one announces their interest in the presidency. What I know is that this is the time for only men and women who oppose Museveni ,with presidential ambition as a by the way- legacy is their only goal. It's not for men who stand for presidency because they promised their spouses that they would be first ladies one day( Again, I mean that in a non- combative way).