Museveni's appointment of Butcherman and Kusasira is a master stroke!

By Abbey Semuwemba

On the surface, Mark Bugembe aka Butcherman and Catherine Kusasira look to be bad appointments for President of Gheto and Presidential Advisor(PA) respectively, but, I think, this was a master stroke by Mr.Museveni. Butcherman was Bobi Wine's wingman in the Firebase Crew, and his best friend for years--so, he knows him inside-out.Like i said elsewhere, in Russia's KGB, these are termed as UIs(Useful Idiots)- they help a leader get the job done. Most people in the Gheto are poor. I suspect that the duo will have a non- limited budget to keep the Gheto population happy, at least, till the end of presidential elections. Never underestimate the power of money in keeping people in line -generosity itself is power!

I've already watched Kusasira's first interview, after her appointment as PA, with one of our TV Stations- it's a good interview, and quite clearly, she knows what is expected of her. Butcherman will definitely be useful till the end of elections, after that, he will probably go back to being a useless idiot. Yes, he is still a work in progress but he is serving the purpose for now.

Jenipher Nakanguubi aka 'Full figure' may continue being useful, even after the elections. She's has got the gift of the gab-- actually, minus "Kuwemula", she's a better orator than Bobi Wine himself. Surpringly, she spoke like a true diplomat in her press conference with Museveni - they did a good job on her.

I wonder what exactly was promised Eddie Kenzo to turn him around? Yes, he was turned, going by his first press conference, after meeting Mr. Museveni. The moment one agrees to meet Museveni, you're exposed - your are at his mercy. Yes, he seems not to have been given an official post, but he was definitely promised something juicy, and he seemed sure, and rightly so, that there's no chance of Bobi winning the 2021 elections.

Brother Kenzo, like most African musicians,are into music for mainly money. So, I suspect that he will make more money being closer to Museveni than he would make just singing for the sake of it- Bebe Cool has made a lot of money that way. Anyway, the fact is there's,generally, no money in Uganda music- those who have made it have had some extra-curricular activities,such as selling weed clandestinely. Most people close to Bobi will, eventually, join M7 once he has showered them with some breadcrumbs. Most of these guys are bored of funeral-rites-politics- it's like that kid show, ''Thomas''- the Tank Engine- we all wanna be useful engines.

As for Bobi Wine, that one needs serious prayers. He will be more isolated before 2021, and i highly doubt his name will be on the next presidential ballot. Hon.Beti Nambooze has written a good article analysing the present situation, and how the opposition can save it, but, I think, it's too late- that train has already left it's station- the rattle snake is already out of the cage and bitting hard!