Jos Court Orders Police To Produce A Dead Kidnapper

By Ademola Gafar

A high Court in Jos, Plateau State has ordered the Police to Produce a Dead kidnapper. Ironically, the same Court had earlier released the same Kidnapper who brazenly went back to kidnapping early this year.

The Notorious kidnapper and Arms Dealer, Sambo was charged to court last year, while on bail from the same Court, he continued his kidnapping business. While his case was still pending in Court, the IGP Intelligence Response team (IRT ) arrested him again for another Kidnapping case. While in custody, he became sick and passed on.

As an investigative Crime Reporter, the court order did not come as a surprise, simply because the same court that gave him a soft landing is now demanding for his reamins.

Indication, however is that the police will appeal and vacate the order. But the Police would go on appeal.

It is a known fact that Seasoned Crime fighters are subjected to such frustrations from wealthy criminals and their families who spend their proceeds of crime to fight and thwart the efforts of law enforcement efforts officers but their chances are slimmer than a brom stick.

Police detectives have severally been subjected to intimidating actions, usually from some law courts or hired hands in the media. In all cases, Justice have always exnorated them.

With the referenced case above, justice will once again prevail because no matther how much wealth that a criminal acquires, it can not turn light to darkness.