Philosophizing Marriage In The Twenty First Century

Source: Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma
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The word marriage has made it into the main stream of human consciousness, but not everybody knows what it really means or how to deal with it, hence I have heard the voice of infatuation calling from the room of incompatibility for consolidation of a union that the cosmic mind- the divine, has not destined. Thus lust manifested to strengthen the union, lust succeeded for a moment, but when faced with familiarity, lust loosed its grip on the union, and thus was confronted with the realities of life.

The knowledge of reality made lust to realize that the superiority of falsehood over the truth is but for a moment. Very soon many people who married under the auspices of lust and infatuation will certainly realize that they have made the worst mistake of their lives and may wish to protect themselves under the supreme will of destiny. Dear reader, here comes a starring revelation of hope for humanity. Kindly be guided by wisdom here!

I wish to inform you here that ignorance and illusion were disputing over vanity, thus they were prosecuted by blasphemy and heresy in the court of error. Injustice became the constitutional yard stick by which ignorance and illusion were tried.

Consequently, ignorance was found guilty in the court of error and was sentenced to life imprisonment. While in the prison, ignorance did its worst and was thereafter imprisoned by the prisoners. While in the inner prison of prisoners, ignorance was opportune to marry imbecility the first daughter of error. Thus ignorance co-imprisoned prisoners officiated the marriage.

In the process, ignorance went to the court of error to obtain marriage certificate. The marriage certificate was signed by illusion and heresy. Thereafter, heresy handed it over to divorce who is the clerk and messenger in the court of error. The clerk (divorce) again delivered it to ignorance who on his way back with his wife imbecility finally met wisdom who parted and divorced the relationship hence it was contracted blindly and not by destiny.

Wisdom has spoken and those who have ears to hear let them hear.

“Marriages are made in heaven” without any problem but the ones done on earth are characterized by several predicaments, born of incompatibility grows in error and graduates in divorce. Marriages today have so discredited the truth in the science of divine union due to increase in error and falsehood inherent in the language and behaviour of the Churchmen.

Various traditions have been instituted to foster marriages, some of these traditions encourage a lot of errors, and even the civil marriage is a good example of this. This kind of (civil) marriage is nothing but a sober business contract and those who hitherto bind themselves do so just to tackle mundane and illusory feelings. Because of this error, they go into serious bargain that only ensures each other’s material security. The church on her side has seriously encouraged this type of marriage and has thus spiritualized their mistakes to become their modus-operadi! And those who only see from the wrong reflection of the church are now bewildered in profound phantasmagoria.

This petulant and huffy state of consciousness initiated by mass acceptance of fallacy, and apprehension of illusion has greatly accelerated the rate of divorce; this is so because the masses have been wrongly informed that marriage can be entered into merely out of physical desires induced by their knowledge of material opulence which hitherto becomes a reed by which truth and destiny are ascertained. This wrong concept, having been awakened and artificially nourished by reading bad literatures, watching home movies, wrong conversations and by playing around, have continued to wreck homes.

“Aided and abetted by many parents, girls have supposedly too clever to allow themselves solely to be guided by their purer spiritual knowledge, and thus they rush all the more easily into unhappiness. Such persons will already pay in part for their superficiality in their married life. But only in part, the bitter experience of reciprocal action in consequence of such false marriages comes much later, for the main fault lies in irresponsibly neglecting the opportunity to advance”.

The modern generation of vipers characterized by topsy-turvy of reality, swayed by retrogressive propensities, having ridiculed the truth, seldom move into marriage by transcendental conviction born by cosmological verdict, imbedded in the voice of God and translated into nature. For he who ignores nature ignores the creator.

There are cases where young girls marry out of spite to annoy some other person, some marry out of sympathy, others marry for material reasons, few or none marries for LOVE by obeying the will of God. O how happy and different when a marriage has been contracted on the right foundation (destiny), and develops harmoniously “joyfully and voluntarily saving each other, the couple grows together towards spiritual ennoblement. Shoulder to shoulder they seemingly face all mundane trials”. Such a marriage through its sheer happiness becomes a gain for their whole existence! And in this happiness lies a swinging upwards, not only for the individuals concerned but for all humanity.

Therefore arise O earthmen for your emancipation from the swamp of illusion has come, arise and encourage happiness, arise and speak against divorce and separation by encouraging marriage by destiny. Arise and surrender to God once more and be in tuned with Him to enable you discern marriage breakers, arise and join those who have been joined together by God, arise and give consent to the will of God by fulfilling the fulfilled mandate of God.

Truth has no relationship with falsehood! Unfortunately, the Church men have created a lot of ignoble propensities with utmost thoughtlessness which has hitherto bewildered their thinking. This propensity which is the predilection for something material (earthly) has by law of homogeneity accelerated great predicament (like divorce) in the world of man. Obedience to, the commandment of God is meant to give protection from divorce. Therefore you are implored by this publication to pay strict attention to the will of God before being in a hurry to take the marriage vow “till death do us part”.

It is the will of God for the church men to enjoy their marriage. Now this article is a condensation to several circumstances, you are encouraged to marry the married that is yours than marrying the unmarried that is not yours. This is a philosophy designed by God to set you free from the laws that have conditioned your mind for a long time. Laws that have not helped to advance the civilization of man, laws that made God to ask one of his servants thus, “O prophet why forbiddest thou what God has made lawful to thee, seeking the good pleasures of thy wives? And God is all-forgiving, all compassionate,” the laws that keep negating the joy, happiness and progress of our society today. Arise and cherish what God has made for you and enjoy the freedom hitherto given by Christ Jesus.

I have brought the message of the hour to my generation and I go my way knowing that I am the apple of God’s eyes. I have humbly written this to call a spade a spade, I am not an island of knowledge, but have humbly demonstrated via this article that the value of knowledge is the ability to communicate same to others. Men and women should not be angry over this publication but remember that the monkey that wants to see the face of the hunter must one day receive a gun shut.

I humbly wish to leave you here as you are blessed reading this article, let it speak for itself as you cherish it in this century.

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