Obono-Obla Cries Out: "They want to demonise me"

By The Nigeria Voice
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Former Chairman of the Special Presidential Panel for the Recovery of Public Property, Okoi Obono-Obla, has accused some unnamed persons of being after him with the intention of demonising him before Nigerians.

Obono-Obla, who made the allegation on Saturday in a post on his Facebook wall, was reacting to an earlier statement by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission declaring him wanted.

Obono-Obla wrote: “What are these people after me? They took their job away, yet they are not done!

“They smeared me in the media, they framed me! They lied against me! They declared me wanted!

“What offence have I committed? Even those who have stolen billions or contributed to the wrecking of the national economy are not treated with such indignities. Those who have corruptly enriched themselves!

“They just want to humiliate me! They want to break me! They want to demonise me before Nigerians!

“I am (a) true patriot of Nigeria! I did my job with the utmost dedication, dignity, integrity, and commitment!

“God and history shall always vindicate the just! Nelson Mandela was persecuted, prosecuted, dehumanised and imprisoned for 27 years, but he became a world Icon!”