Nine years have passed since UNESCO inaugurated ­October 5, 1994, as the first World Teachers' Day.

By Bumi Adebayo Foundation
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"Young Teachers: The future of the Profession "
The theme for this year’s WTD is “Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession.” It is imperative to celebrate the impacts of young teachers on the pupils/students they teach. It is an occasion to take stock of achievements and to address some of the issues central for attracting and keeping the brightest minds and young talents in the profession. This theme is timely and strategic because young minds are needed in the profession to adequately train this generation of 21st-century pupils.

There are many issues with the education of children in public primary schools. Indeed, the list is inexhaustive but ineffective educational institutions, poor teaching quality, absence of instructional materials, and poor infrastructure amongst others are obvious and worrisome issues that require urgent attention. However, amid all these, there is a young generation of teachers that can be very instrumental in changing the narratives of public primary education if they are properly trained and equipped with 21st-century skills.

We will continue to insist on improved teaching and learning through our Education Intervention Programmes.

At Bunmi Adedayo Foundation, we will continue to insist on improved teaching and learning experience through our content and Infrastructure related projects. With Support from our partners, we have also trained about 300 public primary school teachers. This year, we adopted another 1,054 classroom teachers across 75 schools in Lagos state for the 2019/2020 Education Intervention Programmes. These beneficiaries will be retrained in different areas of pedagogic proficiencies and 21st-century skills to increase the learning uptake of children in public schools.

As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2019 in 92 countries around the World Together, we salute all the young teachers who are indeed the future of the profession. That's something to celebrate!