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Reply To Ardo Bardo, Leader Of Fulanis In Enugu State On Forest Guard Institution

By Voice from the East- VEAST
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Forest Guards in Enugu State were rightly instituted by Government , and should not incorporate any Fulani as against the malicious scheme of Ardo Bardo, the leader of Fulanis in Enugu State to include Eulanis in the Forest Guard, an Igbo Group Asserts .

An Igbo Group, Voice from the East- VEAST, has seriously picked holes in the comment in the Punch of Monday, September 23, 2019 credited to the Leader of the Fulanis in Enugu State – Ardo Bardo that Fulanis should be included in the Forest Guard scheme by Enugu State Government to enable the identification of the so called ‘ foreign Fulanis ’ whom Ardo Bardo claimed are the real criminals kidnapping and raping and killing Nigerians.

By this assertion VEAST notes, Ardo Bardo is being clever by half, and being the typical surreptitious Fulani man he is in the torchy area of aberrant killing by the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. According to the Group Convener Comrade Kindness Jonah, who addressed newsmen in Enugu to disabuse the gullible minds of Igbos on the indivisibility of Fulanis world wide, the concept of foreign Fulani as criminals doing the real killings and rapings and kidnappings in Nigeria as against the touted ‘Nigerian’ Fulanis, is a shear balderdash and fiendish coinage to bamboozle the gullible and weak minds on the criminalist and organized killing network by all Fulanis wherever they are in this planet earth.

Quoting the buttressing fact from an interview recently granted to Arise and Channels Televisions by

the Governor of Bauchi State cum former Minister of Federal Capital Territory , Bala Mohammed, Comrade Jonah reminded doubting Thomases of the universality of Fulanis , that Bala Mohammed barred it all when he publicly said Fulanis anywhere found in the world are one.

There is nothing called foreign Fulanis or Nigerian Fulanis . All Fulanis work with the same purpose any where they are. What unites Fulanis in the world is language, and not national boundaries. Hence, Fulani in Mali is the same with Fulani in Nigeria; Fulani in Niger Republic is the same with Fulani in Nigeria or Senegal or Benin Republic or Chador Northern Cameroun ’’

Corroborating Bala Mohammed, Comrade Kindness Jonah went down memory lane to reveal that late President of Cameroun , Ahmadu Ahidjo, was a Fulani, who was the hand behind the scene that galvanized all Fulanis in the world to fight Igbos in the botched Biafran – Nigerian war to establish Fulani hegemony in Nigeria, the satanic

sickness Nigeria is suffering from , presently.
He noted again that Sekkou Ahmadu of Fulani-Mali wars of domination in the nineteenth century , was a Fulani who was helped by ‘Nigerian Fulani ’ in the person of Uthmandan Fodio , to conquer Malian territories for Fulanis .

Rubbishing the deceptive claim of Ardo Bardo further , Comrade Kindness Jonah stated that rather Enugu State Government should be applauded for establishing Forest Guard , but lamented that temerity of the powers that be

in Nigeria which are Fulanis, makes the democratically elected governors of the East dance attendance on Aso Rock before they can take any land mark decision to salvage their people from the claws and jaws of Fulanis as gene-carriers of islamization in West Africa.

Comrade Jonah poured opprobrium on any scheme, overt or covert, by any governor from the East that reverts to Aso Rock as presently constituted , before taking any salient step to untwining the islamic contours of islamization in the Zone and liberate Igboland from the clandestine instinct of religiously propelled Fulaniherdsmen’ activities in the Region.

He, therefore, faulted the presenter of this news item in the Punch by asserting that the writer was totally biased , and that his palm was not far from being greased by anti Forest Guard agents in Enugu State and the East at large.