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Take a bright smile, a warm screen presence, natural looks and rare ability to adapt to roles and what you get is an on screen diva that will look and act like Kate Henshaw-Nuttall.

The Cross River State born actress, remains one of Africa's most talented on screen personalities. Born over 30 years ago to a family of four kids, Kate is the first born with two boys and one girl as her siblings.

Kate's education, like many, took her in and out of Lagos. Having had her primary school education at St. Mary's Private School, Adele Lagos, Federal Government Girls College, Calabar, a one year remedial studies at the University of Calabar with majors in Medical Microbiology at the school of Medical Laboratory Sciences, LUTH, Idi Araba in Lagos. She sealed her journey into medical stream by doing her national youth corps at Bauchi State General Hospital.

With all these medical strings, how on earth did she end up with the entertainment business which seems so natural to her? Was she ever a case of late self discovery? In the case of Kate, she knew all along, having grown with a strong passion for music and acting, she always had a strong eye and ear for the arts but all she needed was the perfect opportunity.

Kate stumbled upon an audition for a new movie at the Klinks studio in Lagos, she decided to give it a shot and after going through the audition she was immediately handed the role which turned out to be her first role in a major Nigerian movie; entitled, When The Sun Sets shot in 1993.

After she watched her performance, she knew she ought to be in the movie industry, the force behind her destiny confirmed that and that was when roles started pouring in, from soap operas to top rated movies, she has graced the Nigerian television like an amazon.

With her unique acting abilities and her ability to perfectly interpret any type of role given to her, she has earned a niche with her rare talent as her most priced asset. Always on locations, Kate still maintains a sound principle in her business, “it's not the quantity of work you do, but the quality.”

So, where does Kate go from here? One answer, her sojourn in the entertainment industry has no limits. A businesswoman with a God fearing and people loving personality, she is one star who will continue to be in our hearts.

She is currently expanding her brand into the global arena and her life long dream remains to build a charity foundation that will take destitute children off the streets and give them hope in the realest way possible.

Kate is happily married with a beautiful daughter, Gabrielle