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Sen. Okorocha Please Forgive Gov. Ihedioha

Source: Prof. Nathan Protus Uzorma
Prof. Nathan Protus Uzorma
Prof. Nathan Protus Uzorma
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All the sacred writings of antiquity speak of forgiveness as the foundation of true religious and spiritual life. We all need to advance in line with all our acclaimed spiritual knowledge.

The lot of man on earth is somehow unstable and hopeless. All man’s efforts have been to ensure himself against the future and achieve certainty out of uncertain political future. This struggle for certainty is all the more demoralising with the every minute realisation that it is not in any way nearing attainment. Thus man is anxiety-ridden through his inability to forestall the inevitable.

This is why, when disaster comes, whether natural or man-made, it strikes, to change the course of our lives, and it has always been a problem finding an answer to the why-did this-happen-to-me question. We ask such questions expecting answers to come, but when such answers fail to come, it makes life more miserable.

Situations arise; trials and tribulations come, such that life seems not worth living. Man is stricken by misfortunes such that confuses him so much, ambitions are out of reach, hopes and aspirations are either dashed or realised when almost not needed, and purposes are defeated at the eleventh hour.

As if these are not painful experiences to us, the reasons for which are beyond our comprehension, some of us worsen the already bad situation through our moral inconstancies. The uneasiness of conscience which results from our lack of moral rectitude and from our futile attempts to evade the responsibility that is retributive, and which torments our hearts, in such living situation as the Danish sage, Soren Kierkegaard, called “The Anguish of Abraham.” However, the meaninglessness of life that Martin Heidegger called “der Abgrund der Sinnlosigkeit,” meaning “the abyss of meaninglessness” may have caught my attention in losing interest in life but we may have to apply the philosophy of “Se Laisser Vivre”- to take life as it comes (to leave things like that and live). This will enable us blaspheme less.

As if I am in the class room for early morning lectures, no, life is meaningful only when you understand the underlying principles of higher meanings which will finally snowball to finding less pleasure in material acquisition and sensual indulgences. In the Pheado, one of Plato’s Dialogues, Socrates demonstrated the truth in a popular opinion. Most people, he said, think a man who finds no pleasure in the physical and sensual indulgences does not deserve to live, and anyone who thinks nothing of physical pleasures has one foot in the grave. In his own words, “ordinary people seem not to realise that those who really apply themselves in the right way to philosophy are directly and of their own accord preparing themselves for dying and death.”

In taking life as it comes, one should be guided by the moral principles for no harm occurs to humanity who wishes to trust the DIVINE by his or her utmost sense of rectitude. Failure in this context is the outcome of the struggle between justice and injustice rightly going on in Imo State. Today, Imo people have woken up from deep slumber, realising all that I have been saying for the past eight years now. The stage is set for a battle between Chief Rochas Okorocha and Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

Why should Gov. Ihedioha engage in probing a government that delivered all needed democratic dividends in Imo State? Rochas Okorocha should forgive Gov. Emeka Ihedioha. Gov Ihedioha is erring in the probe project. Why probe Okorocha whose 27 hospitals built are efficiently functional and have contributed immensely in curtailing the menace of unemployment in the State and thus realizing the former Governor’s professed “job, job, job?” and “employment, employment, employment.” Is Gov Ihedioha Ezeamaghiiheoma?

Governor Ihedioha as a matter of urgency must go for Confession and seek sacerdotal absolution. The track records of his predecessor is a judgmental sledge on Gov Ihedioha’s head- First, Rochas built innumerable quality roads in the State that withstood acidic rainfall that pandemically bedevilled the State for 8 years. His roads are everywhere smooth and solid, incomparable to those of Peter Obi and Willie Obiano in our neighbouring Anambra State. The Distinguished Senator Okorocha must pardon this inability to embark on site-sighing in Omambra wrongly called Anambra roads before eyeing him for probe.

Since the creation of Imo State in 1976, no Governor has ruled and performed well in Imo State up to 40% of Senator Okorocha’s feat. Gov Emeka Ihedioha of a truth is suffering from ‘la jalousie infantile.’ Have Imo workers and pensioners who were paid promptly sans arrears during Okorocha’s regime been paid till date? There is indeed no gainsaying the fact that Imo has married two husbands and now knows that the former was indeed ‘Dim’ while the later is ‘Nwokem’. Instead of paying Imo workers and pensioners as Okorocha used to regularly do them well, Gov Ihedioha wants to probe and mock Rochas’ good salary packages for the State workers. Why Ihedioha, why?

Senator Okorocha should forgive Governor Ihedioha for initiating faux probe in a lineage where former Governors are never probed. Every Governor that enters ought to “chop belle full and waka him way” and close eyes on rumours of the predecessors’ loots. For this, Gov Ihedioha must face haute ecclesiastical penitential purge and cleansing. He is not orthodox at all and has defiled sacred traditions, and must atone for this taboo against former Governors and Imolites.

Please Senator Okorocha, forgive Governor Ihedioha for re-awarding new roads construction on clean nylon tarred roads you built across the State just few months ago. Forgive him for the vain venture in using Imo funds to evacuate clean cutters you ensured round the State capital, and running round the State daily carrying empty truck in the name of daily waste evacuations. Just look at how dustbins are everywhere in Owerri and their rancid and putrid odours fume up everywhere unlike Okorocha’s regime.

This is really the problem of man who cannot just “se laisser vivre” and ‘take life as it comes’ in other not to blaspheme or step on toes of his good predecessors. Governor Ihedioha finds it difficult to ‘se laisser vivre’ without looking into who allegedly looted and mismanaged Imo funds in the past or not. The probe on Senator Okorocha is not good for Imo State, and discourages any forthcoming Governor in Imo State, including himself from ‘chopping Imo to belle full.’ And this is not good at all for the State. Imolites don’t need this system. Omere mmadu mee onwe ya amaghi ihe. Chei, Governor Ihedioha has sinned, he should be forgiven. Without sin there is no forgiveness. Please Senator Okorocha forgive Gov Ihedioha. Governor Ihedioha must start now to chant “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” (my sin, my sin, my great sin) and ask for absolution.

My most distinguished Senator, thank God that I am not part of the probe panel otherwise, I would have dealt with Gov. Ihedioha and stop him from embarrassing you. Gov. Emeka has not done well at all because your good works still speak for you.

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