Biafra Nations Youth League To Hold National Congress

By Biafra Nations Youth League - BNYL
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Biafra Nation's Youth League, BNYL, has disclosed that it will hold a National Congress to adress internal issues bothering the defunct Easterners. BNYL stated that the differences among the tribes of the east as a result of Nigeria media propaganda will be discussed,

Disclosing this to newsmen on Thursday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Secretary General of the group, Ordu Jeoffrey Nwosoriba said the National Congress is coming on the hills of the different agitations and beliefs as well as rejection of Biafra by some ethnic and Political based Organisations in the Southeast and South-south.

He said that that Biafra struggle supersedes any interest group especially in the Niger Delta where there are groups with different goals and ideology "and who believe that they can do it alone". He said the BNYL Leadership took the decision to assemble all members of the group from various clans during the Ahoada Congress with Ekpeye members June this year. "We will nail that propaganda of Biafra being an affair of the now Southeast as some interest groups are assuming it to be by assembling all Biafra youths together to challenge their stand and clear their doubt" .

"If the MOSSOP said they are fighting for Ogoni Kingdom or Sovereign Ogoni , there is need to tell them that it is beyond Ogoni. If IYC or MEND said they are fighting for Ijaw Nation or Sovereign Niger Delta there is need to make them understand that the Ekpeye, Ikwerre, Efik , Ibibio do not understand what they are talking about. There is need to tell everyone that it is beyond Ijaw, it is beyond Igbo and beyond Ibibio. It is not about ethnic ideology, but a national ideology of the tribes of the east and the choice of Biafra which everyone knows it's origin".

He said this was in line with the group's Ekukunela Declaration made on 12 April 2016 in the town of Ekukunela, Ikom LGA of Cross River State where it resolved "to make all section of the Biafra people Congress minded and nation conscious" so as to further enhance unity and purposefulness in the region. Nwosoriba, an Ahoada native of Rivers State who was among those that escaped arrest in Bayelsa during meeting with Asari Dokubo said the planned National Congress slated for October 12 in Ukwuani, Delta State will put to rest sentiments "and unnecessary suspicion in the movement as a whole".