Almost 100 days to nowhere for Governor Ayade’s Cross River State

By Philemon Ugbeche
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How times have changed and our state and its capital have become neglected yet no one’s notice. BUT I told you so! Our streets are strewn with dirt and filth. Potholes are now second nature to our once fairly well-kept roads and lanes. Oh, yeah, nerve wrecking darkness permeates the nights from Mariam to the Highway despite billions spent on Governor Ayades decommissioned diesel generators brought in by Skipper Nigeria ltd and his “mayor of Germany” while the militants; miscreants, thugs, armed robbers and cultist mostly sponsored by Governor Ayade and his cohorts own the night and have a field day.

I even hear that the Commissioner of Police is tired of arresting hoodlums only to receive calls from prominent politicians linked to the State Governor and cabinet members to free them. Yet we have a promise keeper now termed “jehova” frolicking from Norway to Croatia to Germany and Belgium, all in the name of enticing investors to what you might ask? With the state held spellbound by mini-me and his sidekick of a brother Dr. Frank, while deputy Governor Esu wallows in self-inflicted obscurity, Cross River State is in crisis.

In simple terms, nothing works in Cross River State! Forget Chief Christian Ita’s lies and spin. We are in a real mess with nothing concrete to show for Governor Ayades tenure. With almost a hundred days since he was sworn in for 2nd term in a disorganized pantomime as a “project manager,” at the UJ Esuene stadium, in his own words, on his own merit and our own culpability, Governor Ayade has failed to nominate or swear in a State Executive Council or put a government in place. Yes, approvals and disbursements and Government is being run strictly from his bedroom and whatsapp by him and his sidekick brother. I mean who told this idiot that he owns the state?

While one could make a case for the status quo to remain just in case he persists with his old trick of recruiting incompetent degenerates such as populated his last EXCO, Cross Riverians must be bold enough to ask why we have no government and not let the Ayades get away with it!

In short, let us plan a protest march to the PDP national secretariat so they people know that we are tired of this man. Or have we turned cowards overnight? Held spell bound by Governor Ben and Co-governor Frank while everything goes to blazes and our resources is pillaged without repentance.

Prior to the 2019 Gubernatorial elections, the desperation from so many people to exact revenge on Governor Ayade for his tacit failure was almost tangible. As the guns of political warfare blazed and protest at the PDP secretariat in Abuja become the order of the day, alignments and re-alignments were made while former Governor Imoke was freely blamed for imposing Governor Ayade on us in the first place. But since we didn’t get our little moment of glory and President Buhari pushed for local government autonomy to weaken the stranglehold of our Governors on our politics and resources, Governor Ben Ayade has been on vengeful mission to destroy what is left of Cross River State.

While many argue about the lack of a shared political heritage leading to the Ayades’ simply looting, misgoverning and trying to lay the state bare, I prefer to term it pure wickedness and hatred for the state and its people. We might be a poor civil service state, impoverished by a combination of factors, yet, our people deserve better from the PDP and its rulership structure. And our people must blame the PDP for the mess we find ourselves since they cannot reign in on Governor Ayade a.k.a “Jehova” the “promise keeper”.

For me, Governor Ayades refusal to put together a sound and solid cabinet to direct the affairs of the State deserves impeachment and nothing more. Also, it sums up everything that is wrong with this whole narrative.

So, he’s afraid to pay his Commissioners and SA’s salaries and buy them decent cars that were the inherited norm, yet it is ok to pursue frivolous schemes with government funds, in the name of the state, but to the benefit of Ayade farms etc. Plotting to seize unquantifiable parcels of land statewide, initiating and paying for uncompleted and non-existent projects while trying to puncture my ear drums with lies upon lies is what we are stuck with for another 3yrs plus.

Let’s be absolutely clear here, the state is rudderless and on a free fall. Governor Ayade as 2nd term Governor should have been ready to name his cabinet and go straight into action. Yet up to this point, he has not displayed the wisdom required of a leader of men and Governor, and that has seen him flirt with ordinariness in my books.

Now I have just read an excellent article on the state of the state library and commend the author. But I think the state of our state, which is in crisis, and a free fall is more important.

So, we must plan a protest to force Governor Ayades’ hands to constitute a cabinet and get things moving in the state. We must also find a way to find His Excellency to ensure that families are paid rather than billions being wasted on frivolous trips and projects if not we will all come to that Canada, he plans to resettle his family and beat him after his tenure. Abeg no one should think we are fools.

Oh God please save us from Governor Prof. Ben Ayade, abeg Lord of Hosts, we do not deserve this!

Philemon Ugbeche writes from Ogoja, Cross River State

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