Rejecting Ethnic Profiling Against Fulanis in Enugu by Social Media

By Brown Justice

The latest report in the media alleging that Fulani Herdsmen were responsible for the abduction of a couple who were traveling from Anambra State to Enugu State and were kidnapped along Awka-Enugu road can best be described as ethic biased report targeted against the Fulanis living in Enugu State.

According to the report, one Chief Earnest Otugo, a Nnewi-based business man and his wife and children as well as his friend better known as Chief Reuben were travelling from Nnewi to Enugu to attend a social function, but were kidnapped by unknown gunmen around Amokwe area of Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The report further indicated that the wife of Chief Otugo has since been released by the kidnappers so that she will go and arrange for the ransom to be paid for their release.

However, the social media in their characteristic manner reported that herdsmen were responsible for the abduction even when the identity of the kidnappers are not yet established nor proper investigation conducted.

The question is how did the media arrived at the conclusion that Fulani Herdsmen were responsible for the abduction?

How come every crime committed in Enugu State are ascribed to Fulanis living in the state?

Does that mean there are no more non-Fulani criminals or miscreants in the state?

Better still, how can Nigerians explain the unfolding but sickening reality which attributes every negative news or crime committed in Enugu State to Fulani Herdsmen but attribute same or similar crime committed elsewhere to unknown gunmen or criminals?

Is neutrality, objectivity and balance no longer the elements of news reportage?

Are there deliberate efforts to paint Enugu State black among the committee of states?

Whose script is the social media acting in Enugu State?

Isn't it high time disgruntled politicians sponsoring fake news and distorted media reports against the Fulanis, good people of the state and the political leadership in the state stopped their satanic acts?

No matter how the media and their political sponsors try to paint Enugu State black, the state is still by far one of the most secured states in Nigeria. This is because, the state is solidly in the Hands of God.

Mr. Brown Justice, A Public Affairs Analyst writes from Udi, Enugu State

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