An Apt Rejoinder To Ffk's Rant...

By Dr Tosin Akindele

Recently, I encountered a comprehensive article online authored by Femi Fani-Kayode detailing the ills of the Nigerian society with particular emphasis on the geopolitical bents as so grossly skewed in favour of the north that one should cast a genuine doubt on the intellectual capabilities of the arrowhead of the nation.

The captain of the Nigerian "Ship Of State" surely brooks no pretext in an ability to at least pretend at making any concessions to the rest of us.

And I never knew FFK had such writing skills!
As clear as all these observations are, the fact remains that each time these political elites find themselves in positions of power, they corner public money for themselves alone for use by them, their families, cronies and close associates alone!

They only seem to realise these racial and religious bents each time they have the short end of the power stick.

As true as the espoused facts are, the Fulani political elites do not use their power, stolen riches and influence to better the lots of the Fulani commoner either. Neither would Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw or Igbo political elites use state resources to better the lots of their people even if Nigeria splinters into a million nation states!

The inevitable bloody war being suggested by Femi Fani-Kayode must be fought by only him, his wife, his kids, his concubines, his friends, his cronies and political associates and all those parasites who ride roughshod over the rest of us in private jets, wagons, obscene mansions and gluttony...

Because whatever the political arrangement, whether Nigeria stays as one nation or many, the political elites would maintain their gluttony, sustain their greed, continue to shortchange the masses whose lots would not be bettered.

These bare facts need to be drummed into the skulls of these commoners before they yet again fall for the age-long ploy of political elites of stirring up apparent or real tribal and religious differences and bents for their selfish ends!

There are only two political parties in Nigeria. Two tribes. Two religions. The rich and the poor!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical doctor and public affairs analyst.