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Source: Victoria Ige - Nigeriafilms.com
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Surprise surprise!

We still don't understand what has happened, or what is about to happen – but Kelly Hansome, who has placed several allegations on the doorsteps of Kennis music, is suddenly singing a new tune.

Sources at the label told us Kelly is sober and apologetic, and making desperate moves to reconcile with label bosses Keke and D-one.

And yesterday, we found a post on his Facebook status that might interest you: 'with respect to our new understanding, I, Kelly Hansome, sincerely apologise to kennis music and Primetime(as world famous brands) and Mr Kenny Ogungbe aka Baba Keke(C.e.o. Kennis music) for any comment, write up, publication or interview by me, directly or indirectly, that may have shown disrespect or put a hole on their reputation and respectible status…'

Ogungbe, who spoke with us over the phone, today, says he has 'no comments for now'.

A source at the label however said representatives of both parties have ben meeting, and that Kelly is hoping to renew his ties with the label.

Until recently, Kelly was signed to Kennis music, where he released the hugely successful 'Maga Don Pay'. He walked out of his contract with the label in 2009, claiming he was no longer satisfied with the contract conditions, and that the label was not fulfiling its promise to him.

But time soon showed it wasn't only Kennis that Kelly had issues with – in just a few months, he has attacked the Mohits Camp, MI, Terry G and others. And he has promised that his upcoming album, titled 'Names of Noisemakers' will target everyone he has issues with…

We'll keep you posted.