We shall Not Go to to War

Source: AdIDI, Dokpesi Timothy. 
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Fellow Nigerians,
We shall Not Go to to War
Let us begin to look at issues that affect us as a people with a sustainable future and optimistic growth in our polity. So far we are fast realizing that where we are today as a Nation and a People is not close to where we want to be. As Nigerians there is a need to look back at history not for the sake of repeating our mistakes but for us to learn from our mistakes.

The purpose of our history books is to help us redefine ourselves as a people and help us build a destiny that will accommodate all of us. I do not subscribe to blame games in history that deals with the past and this is because I was not there when it happened. I was not born in the years of the Civil War but I read of the Civil War that happened in Nigeria. Every sides of the divide have thier own story to tell but the question is, who will I believe is telling me the truth since I was there? Is it possible for the reports or causes of the war to be devoid of sentiments and prejudice? There is one basic and undeniable fact about the war and that is its effect. The effect of the Civil War in Nigeria is one truth we must learn from and that truth is the fact that so many people died. So many innocent Nigerians lost thier lives and pregnant women died of hunger with thier babies in the womb. Many innocent children were killed during the war either by hunger or a stray bullet. Many lives and properties were destroyed and Nigeria as a Nation lost valuable assets which are it's people. Our Nation was taken back to a moment of degenerative testimony of a pessimistic experience which even our enemies will not pray for themselves. We almost lost everything but one thing we never lost was the Unity we tried to protect and this unity despite the threat is our greatest asset.

We have shed enough blood in this Country and blood is still been shed as majority of Nigerians still suffer the hangover of the Civil War and for the very reason we did not learn from our mistakes. Unfortunately, the political elderstatesmen and political class of elite who live to see the Civil War and it's effect did nothing to make sure Nigeria becomes a land for all to experience great joy and happiness. This same crop of leaders have planted thier godsons and daughters in positions they will dance to the tune of those who play the piper. Our collective destiny as a Nation and a People has been orchestrated and like the psalmist puts it clearly "foundations once destroyed what can the just do".

It is very much obvious that people who have no idea of the happenings during the war are more aggrieved than those who fought the Civil war. Why should I have problem with the Hausa man or woman just because I was told that fifty years ago the Igbo man fought the Hausa man and the Hausa man since then carries on a fight he was not present and naturally begins to hate the Igbo man. Why will I see a Yoruba man and consider him a traitor because one Major Bajoor (I have forgotten his name) betrayed Ojukwu and so I will consider the whole Yoruba raise as traitors. This high level fallacious stereotypes calls for serious interrogation. The fact that most Nigerian girls in Italy doing prostitution are from Benin does not mean every Benin girl is a prostitute. Have we ever interrogated why the major did what he did? Do we know his state of mind? Do we know his level of spiritedness? Betrayal is a characteristic tendency of every human being but depends on how we manage it. I think also it is very necessary we combine rationality and history in other to help us make informed judgements so as not to keep having erroneous mindset.

As Nigerian Youths, we should begin to have a progressive mindset that will change the course of our Nigerian history. Our society is fast running out of time and leadership has gone beyond the purview of provincial and ethnic prejudice. Recently some Nigerian youths were elected into the parliament of the United Kingdom and we are still towing the lines of Nnamdi Azikiwe and Co. when we are in 2019 we are really still singing the songs of 1962.

My dear Nigerian Youths, let us come together and think beyond our personal interest. We have inherited a devastated society created by our own parents and we shall not hand it over to our own children as it is. We must look beyond our present condition not to repeat the mistakes of the past. All those expecting to dance to the drums of war shall be dissapointed. Nigeria will look beyond ethnic and provincial sentiments. Nigeria Shall Rise Again.

Let all Nigerian youths get about thier normal business. In 2019, we shall be all ready to actively get involved in transforming Nigeria. I shall work with the Igbos, Hausa, Yoruba, Igala, Gwari, Ikwerre etc for a better Nigeria. I love the various tribes for they enrich me to understand myself better.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Long Live the People of Nigeria,
Long Live the People of Kaduna State,
Long Live Nigerian Youths.
ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy

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