Our Optimism must be Fervent

Source: AdIDI, Dokpesi Timothy. 
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Fellow Nigerians,
Our Optimism must be Fervent
I am very optimistic about this Country and the turn of events. As Nigerians we have a choice between good and evil in other to move the Nation forward or even backward. We have not made any mistake in bringing President Muhammadu Buhari into power in 2015 and even if we considered it a mistake, then it is a mistake with positive value and impact. No doubt, what has taken place in the past during the People’s Democratic Party led government does not in any way make any difference to what is happening now. It is very obvious going back to what Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah once said regarding people of integrity is not what Nigeria needs to make it better and if not I think President Muhammadu Buhari would have made Nigeria better than he met it. I do not in anyway want to undermine the effort of this administration for its best they have offered and the enormous responsibilities and challenges that have brought about moral depravity, economic depression, social bankruptcy, Political instability and all the vices antithetical to National Development and social progress.

My dear Nigerians, we are indeed in a fix in this Country and the current turn of events have even become more uncertain about our future as a people. Nevertheless, God has placed in our hands another opportunity to save lives, put food on our tables, and to change the narratives. Nigerians should be steadfast and shun the narratives of politicians and their empty promises and get beyond sentiments. As a people we must not loose hope to better this Country that belongs to all of us. In the past weeks and days it has become obvious that most politicians have made Nigeria become a private property to the extend that they can sell this Country as wholesale to the highest bidder; but as a people and as youths we must resist any temptation by a group of disgruntled individuals to hijack our common destiny for their own selfish interest.

Unfortunately, there can be no worst moment in this Country than now where hate speeches from politicians have marred the whole system. Political Party leaders who talk and rant as if the decision to elect political leaders rest on their veto power in a country where supposedly democracy is preached and practiced. More unfortunately is the indirect shut down of the voice of the people as the National Assembly have refused to convey themselves and carry out their constitutional duties on behalf of the people. No doubt, the Nigerian people have been short-changed for a very long time and it is obvious selfish interest plays a very dominant role in the politics of Nigeria. The Nigerian Masses should know from henceforth that their inability to conduct themselves through tribal lines, religious differences, social affiliations have never solved our problems. Leadership business does not depend on sentiments to thrive. We must look for a way out of this political imbriglio and galvanised ourselves into a society of esteemed civilization.

Our religious leaders must wake up from their slumber and charged the people of their civic responsibilities and help them to mobilize themselves to become proactive in their civic responsibilities. This is no time for blame games but a time to work harder for a better Nigeria. We have blamed ourselves enough and we shall not continue to cast aspersions in this Country. Hunger does not know who is Hausa or Ibo; Christian or Muslim; APC or PDP. We need to make the right choice and we also need to change the narratives. The progress of all Nigerians is the progress we so desire and the present state of affairs shows that majority of Nigerians are just not happy with the status quo.

Political leaders should be much aware now that the game is up. They have just showed their behaviour and the lack of political morality. Jumping from one political party or the other is just a clear sign that most Nigerian politicians do not even know what it means to be a member of a political party. Political party is not meant for jamboree or convenience but a platform to impact, build, instill, ideological framework to change what is not right. Unfortunately, most Politicians have become party prostitutes in this Country and very soon they will get infected with a political HIV virus that will render them politically ineffective unless they begin to take introviral drugs that represents and boost thier political immune ideologies that will enable them settle for what they believe in as leaders and statesmen.

We have another opportunity in our hands to make Nigeria a better place

ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy

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