Open Letter to the Governor of Kaduna State, His Excellency, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

Source: ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy. 

Fellow Nigerians,
An Open Letter to the Governor of Kaduna State Your Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai As He Marks His One (1) Month in Office June 29th 2019.

Your Excellency Sir,
The Governor of Kaduna State,
Mallam Nasir El-Rufai,
It is my earnest desire not to relent in the consolidation of our democratic process in engaging your office in this second term of your government in Kaduna State.

Your Excellency Sir, Let me first and foremost thank God for your political life in this one (1) month of your second tenure. I must say that this one month of your administration in this second time despite its difficulties and challeneges gives us a firm hope on your commitment to good governance in Kaduna State. I am not in the best position to give you your score card for this one month but so far to have a Kaduna State under your watch for this one month without any jeopardy to lives and properties is a sign of hope and we hope that your office is putting up a strong and viable prevention modalities in other to avoid what we have experience in the past were your government have been accused of orchestrating and conniving with men of the underworld of which we have no evidence of but various interpretations of your unintended speeches which have not undergone serious interrogation and verification for clarity has really made one to almost doubt the competence of your government. Nevertheless, as it is now you are almost winning the heart of so many in Kaduna State as your government have been able to so far establish and proven that peace is very possible under your watch eventhough there can be no peace without justice.

Your Excellency Sir, no doubt despite this relative peace in this one month, and the absence of justice as it is very common in every government in the world, we hope your administration in this second term will continously device means to address this most complicated concept call “justice” we have been battling with from time immemorial. Therefore, Your Excellency this means it might not be an easy task because no matter how hard you try to make everyone happy people must still complain. It is pertinent you do your very best to ensure that you engage every stakeholder in Kaduna State to feel your presence and satisfy their psycho-political anxieties to the best interest of your party and the entire people of Kaduna State.

Your Excellency Sir, eventhough so many people on Kaduna State doubted your choice for a Deputy Governor, her activities in the State has drawn a widespread attention of her grassroots engagement in ensuring she listens to people. As a citizen of Nigeria residing in Kaduna State I feel this has made your government almost acceptable in Kaduna State. In fact for feminists and those who have been in the forefront of women participation in government, she has proven that women are indeed a wonderful breed. It is our prayer Your Excellency that as she begins to engage with the grassroots she can as well be very conscious of the fact of the possibility of creating more avenue for women to participate in the agenda of Kaduna State and It’s project.

Your Excellency Sir, I want to round up this letter and in other subsequent letters I will be writing for you to help rehabilitate the roads in Kaduna South. Please Sir can you help us with Gonin-Gora, Ungwa Television (New Jerusalem), Barnawa, Ungwan Sunday, Sabo Tasha and Ungwa Pama roads and the drainage system within these areas of concern. It is a humble plea for the consolidation of your relationship with the Kaduna State residents in Kaduna South. I am aware you have your priorities in the State but Your Excellency Sir I beg your priority translates in balancing your choices for an informed choice. Your Excellency Sir, I can assure you that should you begin or continue with the good works in the rehabilitation of the roads, I shall be very optimistic of your future political carreer.

Once again let me congratulate you on your one (1) month in office in your second term come tomorrow June 29th 2019.

Long Live the Governor of Kaduna State,
Long Live the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State,
Long Live the People of Kaduna State,
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy.
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Timothy Dokpesi Adidi