By NBF News

Mercedes-Benz G-Guard
Weststar Associates Ltd., the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, has added yet another product line to its long range of three-pointed star automobiles available in the Nigerian market

Introducing the special vehicle series known as 'Guard' , the Managing Director of Weststar, Mr. Mirko Plath, said it is represents products built for the users to truly feel safe in. Plath went on: 'With its Guard, models Mercedes-Benz offers the world's widest ex-factory range of special protection vehicles.

The range comprising E-Guard, S-Guard and G-Guard features tailor-made protection to European standards. A high level of protection is provided by armour made from state-of-the-art materials such as glass/plastic composites and high-strength special steel in combination with plastic elements. All protective elements are incorporated at the bodyshell stage during a separate and independent production process.'

With violence, drug-related crime and random threats increasing on a global scale, Mercedes-Benz is responding with a comprehensive range of special-protection vehicles in various resistance levels ranging from B4 to B7 and common to all Mercedes-Benz Guard vehicles is the philosophy of integrated special protection. According to Plath 'Violent crime has become a fact of life. And car occupants are all too often the targets.

This is borne out by statistics which show an increase in gang-based crime, armed robberies and carjacking. For many years now, heads of state, leading diplomats and top managers have only ventured out onto the road in armoured cars. Even motorists who are far less in the public spotlight admit to feeling unsafe at times. Mercedes-Benz Guard models are designed to counter acts of violence.'

This means that the protective features are not retrofitted to a finished vehicle but are instead integrated into the body shell on a dedicated production line independent of the standard production process. The integrated design approach also means that all the reinforcements to the body structure required due to the weight of the protective elements, can be incorporated right from the start.

Weststar said the market would soon discover in the vehicles Mercedes' technical leadership in constructing special protection vehicles that have been confirmed time and again over the years which gives the Stuttgart-based premium brand an outstanding position in this demanding segment.

' For dignified appearances, many governments, heads of state and royalty all over the world just as it is in Nigeria, therefore use Mercedes-Benz special protection vehicles like the G-guard, S-guard, E-guard, etc. to ensure maximum protection while still enjoying the benefit of driving a luxury car', Plath said.

Speaking further, he stated that with a tradition dating back over 80 years as the world's first automotive brand to develop and manufacture Pullman limousines with special protection, 'our extensive experience in protection systems and ballistics, plus our collaboration with international security experts produce an exclusive level of quality which inspires trust and confidence in Mercedes-Benz all over the world especially with the inconspicuously integrated special safety features and a comprehensive interior equipment package for individually tailored comfort and convenience.

'By our philosophy – we specialize in Safety, comfort and quality both on and off the road and the result is that you are confidently in full control of every situation, while also enjoying your comfortable, individual world at all times as Mercedes-Benz Guard models are in service all over the world and are universally renowned for their high security standard, which has been achieved through many years of close cooperation with nationally and internationally recognized security authorities.' He concluded.