The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International Takes the Lead in Humanitarian Efforts Across the African Continent

By Deborah Belford
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Quickly becoming one of the most distinguished faith-based charitable organizations in Africa, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) continues to expand its efforts to provide for the needs of those living in poverty, those affected by natural and man-made disasters and elevating the level of services provided to communities across the African continent.

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) has a Christian mission to provide for the physical, spiritual and mental needs of the disadvantaged, indignant and impoverished. Inspired by God’s uplifting message of generosity and altruism, through their kind actions COFI’s donors and volunteers help to spread love and hope for a better future.

COFI’s founder and inspirational leader is the esteemed Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris is the founder and CEO of LoveWorld Incorporated and the lead pastor of Christ Embassy which has locations all around the world.

COFI provides humanitarian aid and lifesaving relief to those in great need through its own initiatives and through the sponsorship of partner agencies devoted to affecting positive change throughout the region and beyond. The work of these humanitarian aid networks aligns closely with the foundation’s Christian mission. The acclaimed agencies supported by COFI are the Volunteer Medical Corps, Trauma Care International Foundation, InnerCity Mission for Children, Future Africa Leaders Foundation and the Bible for All Mission.

To create sustainable interventions and make the largest potential impact, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation has identified four areas in which to focus its charitable efforts: healthcare, early childhood education and development, youth leadership development and engagement, and family strengthening and livelihood.

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International advocates for improved medical services across Nigeria and Africa and works to provide quality healthcare to those who lack access to service due to financial or other mitigating circumstances. COFI supports the initiatives of the Volunteer Medical Corps (VMC) , a medical outreach organization that leads missions to provide medical care, relief assistance and establish long-term healthcare infrastructure for communities in need.

VMC and its dedicated volunteers answer God’s call to service during times of great crisis in the face of natural disasters and civil unrest. They offer much-needed healthcare services to those living in impoverished conditions, operate community initiatives that include lifesaving medical screenings and deliver medications to underserved communities, all while ministering the inspiring messages of hope and faith to lift the spirits of those in distress.

The COFI sponsored Trauma Care International Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to improve disaster and emergency medical response and the delivery of trauma care to improve overall health and extend life expectancy. The organization provides first aid and emergency response medical training sessions for emergency responders, teachers, law enforcement officers, caregivers and transport workers.

Trauma Care International also conducts advocacy work and awareness campaigns aimed at improving national policies relating to trauma response and healthcare infrastructure networks at the local, state and international levels.

Early Childhood Education and Development
The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International believes that nurturing and providing for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children enables them to grow into healthy, happy, well-rounded adults. Many children living in impoverished areas lack basic nutritional provisions and quality educational opportunities.

COFI sponsors the charitable efforts of the Innercity Mission for Children which is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in inner cities. The organization’s initiatives, which include health and nutritional programs, medical services and educational programs, provide necessary services to disadvantaged and indignant children. The InnerCity Mission operates primary and nursery schools, mentorship programs and extracurricular activities to encourage academic achievement. The Mission also supports a school lunch program and operates a food bank to ensure that children receive proper nutrition in order to concentrate on their studies.

Youth Leadership Development and Engagement
Recognizing, supporting and celebrating youth who are positively impacting their communities is part of the mission of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation (FALF) , an organization supported by the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation. Through their support of FALF, COFI encourages young men and women to reach their potential and to lead Africa towards a bright future. FALF’s goal is to enable and empower young people by providing them with educational opportunities and equipping them with leadership skills. The foundation operates support programs, mentorship programs and training initiatives for promising youths across Africa. The efforts of FALF aim to cultivate the next political, financial, economic, intellectual and technological leaders of Africa able to deliver sustainable and effective solutions to challenges facing their communities.

The foundation awards youths that demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities annually at the Future Africa Leaders Awards (FALA). Nominees are individuals who have shown exceptional promise through their activism, advocacy and social organization. The prestigious awards are recognized globally, and the top recipient is awarded a $25,000 prize to encourage their continued endeavors.

Family Strengthening and Livelihood
COFI believes that strong families are better able to cater to the physical and emotional needs of children and contribute to the health of the community as a whole. The Innercity Mission is an important partner in the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation's efforts to build stable, healthy communities with programs designed to address the needs of families who often lack access to services due to financial or geographical constraints. Strengthening families through mentoring programs, education services, childcare and other support and assistance initiatives can help improve the livelihood and productivity of individuals and break the cycle of generational poverty.

COFI’s mission to create a better world for all people is grounded in God’s merciful teachings. Through its work, the foundation encounters people who are in the midst of despair and crisis. During these difficult times, the needs of the soul can be easily overlooked. COFI partner, Bible for All Mission , is committed to spreading the life-changing Word of God, delivering messages of faith and hope. The organization sponsors initiatives that distribute thousands of free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible to individuals, communities, hospitals, prisons and intuitions around the world. The organization also translates the Bible into hundreds of languages, facilitates devotional study groups and consoles victims of natural and man-made disasters to find solace in God’s Word.

Recent Aid and Relief Missions

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International has recently conducted aid and relief missions in response to deadly Cyclone Idai that affected the lives of thousands of people and left a path of destruction across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The aid mission provided much-needed food and medical treatment to those who had been displaced due to the storm and the flooding that resulted in its aftermath. COFI has also sponsored missions to refugee and internally displaced persons camps in Nigeria and South Sudan delivering food and personal hygiene supplies, conducting medical screenings and providing educational materials.

The efforts of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International are only made possible through the generous donations made by its sponsors, the kindness of individuals who volunteer their time and skills, and the divine motivation received through the Word of God.

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The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International Takes the Lead in Humanitarian Efforts Across the African Continent