Letter To Mrs. Adetiba

By Remi Oyeyemi
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Dear Mrs. Adetiba,
Compliments ma. It is a great pleasure to meet you and know that we are members of the same family. It gladdens my heart that providence made our meeting possible.

May God continue to make His presence felt in your life and that of your family. May the spirit of our forefathers continue to guide and guard your footsteps.

Pls, find attached the material I promised. Read it with patience and try to disseminate to as many of our brothers and sisters. Education and information is very important to our survival as a race and as a people.

It was one philosopher that contended that "A genius without information is at a great disadvantage compared to a mediocre with information."

Information is of great importance and of highest imperative to the consummation of our vision and what we seek to be and how we hope to do so. It is important that we continue to educate ourselves at every available opportunity. May the spirits of our forebears never rest until we liberate Oodualand and create our own Country and be able to determine our own destiny the way we want it.

The world is too much advanced to think that only through military means could this be achieved. This is not correct. We WILL, we CAN and we MUST do this without shooting a single bullet. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE and people are already working on this across Europe and America as well as Nigeria here.

The Yoruba race is a very great one. We inherited greatness from our own ancestors. We have a duty to ensure that we bequeath this to the coming generation. We have a duty to ensure that the coming generation understands it. Obafemi Awolowo used to preach LIFE ABUNDANT for our people. He worked tirelessly to achieve this for us and made us the envy of others. The present level of poverty is not our lot. We are members of a race that values hardwork, honesty, integrity, dignity, respect and communal commitment.

Our race vlaues its history as guidance for the future as represented in Ifa Corpus. We work ceaselessly, tirelessly, relentlessly with unwaving dedication and unalloyed commitment to our future and the generation yet unborn as represented by our children. This is why you see parents who would sell woods to send their children to school, deny themselves all comforts just so that their children would be something in life.

In 1959, when Awolowo left Ibadan as the Premier of Western Region, Yorubaland was more developed than France and Spain in infrastructure and social amenities, especially in terms of the percentage of those who had access. As at that time, when we already had the television station in Ibadan, 85% of Europeans have never heard about it or had a clue what it was about. He was able to do that much because as Yoruba, we were in charge of our own destiny. Since 1960, that we became fully part of the cursed country called Nigeria, it has been retrogression in geometrical measures. It has been misery upon misery and suffering upon suffering.

The Yoruba Nation deserves better. But this may never be possible as long as we remain in Nigeria. This is because Nigeria is presently a life prisoner to capertbaggers whose only God is money, whose only faith is power for the sake of power, and whose only belief is themselves.

This is not what we are as Yoruba. In our culture, CHARACTER determines the value of a person and not MONEY. Accountability of leadership has been part of our monarchical structure for more than 1000 years. Respect for leaders has engendered stability in our milieu for the same span of time. Freedom of opinion and a liberated youth that is free to explore his or her potentials while being understood and cautiously guided by elders, has been the vehicle of our progress. Integrity in personal life, loyalty to the community, dedication to familly - immediate or extended are the cornerstones of our culture. Tolerance of others, especially religious tolerance, is a foundation of our worldview. All these are being contaminated or jettissoned totally because of our being part of Nigeria. Human life, greatly cherished and valued by our culture, has been ridiculously cheapened by the Nigerian state.

Historically, Nigeria is an aberration. Anthropologically, Nigeria is a misnormer. Philolophically, Nigeria is a conduit of cacophony. Philosophically, Nigeria is a stable of contused quagmire. Culturally, Nigeria is a cluttered cocoon. Structurally, it is a dangerous dilapidation. Spiritually, it is a reject. Olodumare, the God of our fathers is not in support of our involvement in the Nigerian Project. The Biblical God has shown his aversion to it. The Quranic Allah has turned his back to it. And Nigierians have continued to show their hatred and rejection of it since 1960.

We have an obligation to retrieve our Yoruba race from drowning and continued contamination by the Nigerian malaise by seeking ways to extricate ourselves and creating an Oodua Nation. May Olodumare help us. May God bless our efforts. May Allah give us his mercy. May the spirits of our forefathers continue to guide and guard us. Oodua a gbe wa o. Ase.

Once again, read the attached material with PATIENCE and try to DISSEMINATE it to as many of our brothers and sisters. If you want to share the email too, it is your prerogative, ma.

My heartfelt greetings to you and your family.
Thanks and my due regards.
Remi Oyeyemi