Omu Anioma Visits Asagba Of Asaba, Welcomes Him Back From Medical Vacation

... As Asagba Promises Collaboration With Omus Towards Stronger Anioma Culture
By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba
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The Omu of Anioma, Her Royal Majesty, Obi Martha Dunkwu has visited the Asagba of Asaba, HRM Obi Prof. Chike Edozien to welcome him back after a long medical vacation in America.

The Omu Anioma who visited in company of the host Omu of Asaba, Her Royal Majesty, Obi Dr. Ada Biosah commended the Asagba whose sterling leadership qualities has helped to institutionalize peace, unity and progress of Asaba even in his absence.

According to Omu Dunkwu, "My visit here today, in company of my sister and very dutiful Omu of Asaba, is to welcome our father the Asagba, back from his medical vacation in good health. We are also thanking God for keeping him still very sound in knowledge and wisdom to continue to pilot the progressive affairs of Asaba Kingdom, Anioma nation and Delta State as a foremost Traditional Ruler.

"I want to state that there is no where else one can get the kind of quality leadership the Anioma traditional institutions are giving towards the growth and development of their communities. We are a people so loved by others as a result of our evidential inclination to peace, unity and hospitality. I therefore call on the Asagba to lead a formidable crusade to the government to ensure full implementation of the Asaba master-plan through the Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency.

"My Royal Father, if the development truly deserving of a state capital comes to Asaba and by extension Okpanam, Ugbolu and Ibusa, it will be a great benefit to the society and the government itself.

"I am also advocating that the government should support the culture and traditions of our people in order to help bring back the good old days and the sanity of our youths that is fast eroding. On the part of our traditional institutions, more practical work than theory is required to assert their control and institutionalize moral regeneration and positive cultural orientation that brings about human and capital growth and development", the amiable Omu Anioma posited.

Responding, the highly elated Asagba appreciated the Omu Anioma for the visit. He therefore pledged to collaborate and support the Omus in Anioma, not just Asaba to continue to carry out their indispensable functions with motivation.

The internationally acclaimed Academic Professor said, the unity of Asaba, Okpanam, Ibusa and Ugbolu under the Asaba capital city development is not negotiable.

The adequately refreshed Asagba commended the Omu Anioma and Omu Asaba for showing good examples in promoting the Anioma culture; and especially playing their traditional functions well as the only Omus that are Obis in their ranks, just as distinct for the people of Asaba, Okpanam and Ibusa communities of Anioma.

In his words, "I look forward to Anioma nation speaking in voice in the affairs of our common patrimony. We need unity of purpose, and by the grace of God we will get there.

"I appreciate the role being played by our Omus in complementing the Traditional Rulers with regards to giving our culture and customs an identity. You have truly exemplified that you are equal custodians of our culture and traditions.

"I urge you not to relent with the good works irrespective of the challenges. I assure you that you have my support beyond the immediate community activities of the Omu. We need to support you to accomplish your vision of making this ancient Omu institution not to go into extinction", the Asagba affirmed.

On her part while speaking to journalists, the Omu of Asaba, Her Royal Majesty, Obi Dr. Ada Biosah praised the Asagba and described his leadership style as exceptional.

She prayed for continued good health for Asagba, stating that the Asaba people desire longer life for him in order to benefit more from his leadership prowess.

She confirmed that there is a cordial relationship with the Omus through the leadership that the Omu Anioma had shown. She added that they would continue to remain patriotic for the benefit of Anioma people, just as it was designed by our forebears.