Molestation and Unlawful detention of Nigerians by Malaysia Police unacceptable – NIDOMY

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
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The Nigeria in Diaspora Organization Malaysia chapter has condemned in totality the alleged, killing, raiding, molestation, extorting, and harassment of Nigerians Schooling and living in Malaysia by the Police.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday and signed by its President, Comrade Kingsley Nwankwo, the group challenged the Malaysia Police to publish any evidence it may have to confirm the allegation, adding: ”the way Malaysian Police are killing, extorting, assaulting, intimidating and harassing Nigerians every blessed day is surprising, shocking, and unbelievable; it makes mockery of us as the giant of Africa”

See below for full text of the statement.

The leadership of NIDOMY have observed and watch carefully following the recent news of the raid and molestation of Nigerians in Malaysia, by the Police Department and critically analyzing the dangers it portents to the safety and well beings of Nigerians in Malayia, we hereby emphatically kick against the action in its entirety and call on the Nigerian Government and President Muhamadu Buhari to call the High Commissioner and the Staff of the Nigeria High Commission to order for conniving with the Police to molest Nigerians in Malaysia.

It is quite unfortunate and worrisome that Mr. Mafe Adewunmi Olanrewaju, Consular and a staff with the Nigeria High Commission Malaysia who is supposed to protect and defend Nigerians had recently connived with the Malaysians to unlawfully detained a Nigerian although his legal immigration status is yet to be ascertained by name Alowonle Oluwajuwon Gilbert that was alleged of killing a Malaysian Nurse named Siti Kharina between 12.41am on May 9 and 2.30pm on May 15 at a unit at Third Avenue Condominium, Cyberjaya.


This action is unacceptable, unfortunate and call to question and call the members of Nigeria Diplomatic corps in this vast country, to order in effectively implement the manifesto of the APC led administration and bilateral agreement between the two Nations in this challenging period of our nation history.

What baffles us the most is the lack of civility and unprofessional manner the Malaysian police always raid the Condominium of Nigerians in Malaysia as if there is no any bilateral good working relationship between Nigeria and Malaysia as a Country. If for whatever reason there is a need to conduct such search on the houses or apartments of Nigerians for any intelligence information, the most respecting, honourable and professional way and manner to go was always to intimate the occupants of their intention rather than always engaging in gestapo way.

As a matter of fact, the way Malaysian Police are killing, extorting, assaulting, intimidating and harassing Nigerians every blessed day is surprising, shocking, and unbelievable; it makes mockery of us as the giant of Africa.

This very act by the Malaysia Government and Police is one to many, it is gradually demonstrating its penchant for impunity, racism, disregard for the International rule of law and professionalism.

I tabled the complaint of some Nigerians that were arrested during a mass arrest due to the murder case on ground and also briefed them on the Nigeria on trial for murder to the Nigeria High Commission Malaysia and high Commission promised to follow up with the case and also promised to get a lawyer that will defend Alowonle Oluwajuwon Gilbert at the Sepang Court Selangor, Malaysia, but to our greatest surprise the Nigeria High Commission didn't show up, no attorney to stand for Gilbert which resulted that his fate lies at the mercy of the judge. As we speak the young man is on a crossroad of death sentence or life imprisonment, we have so many of similar and pending issues in Malaysia. Based on that the Commission has declared war against the new executive of NIDOMY under my leadership.

As we are in the Next Level in Nigeria, we hereby call on President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, well-meaning Nigerians, groups and individuals to rise up to the occasion to save our soul and reject such act in order to save Nigerians living and Schooling in Malaysia.

Comrade Kingsley Nwankwo,
President, NIDO-Malaysia