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Policemen Should Standout Like Abba Kyari

By Sergeant Oscar

This expression of admiration of a Nigerian Senior Police officer by an upcoming younger officer speaks a desirable lot of ideal expectations of our officers. The author whose perspective of DCP Abba Kyari is that of a typical mentee to a mentor is a proclamation of hope in the institution. Above all, it is an insight into the raw fact that our attitude to life in general is unconsciously mentoring many to positive or negative destination.

He's a dedicated police officer.
He's a police officer with a difference.
He's a super cop.
He sets his own self interest aside.
He puts himself in danger to keep other's safe.

Peoples security is his responsibility.
He's honourable and treat all with humanity.
He begins each day with courage and with conviction.

He approach every incident with vigilance and valor.

He will face you with authority to maintain control but speak to you with amity.

He makes it possible to curb crimes, chaos,Robbery, kidnappings and all forms of criminality.

He beliefs in law,in justice and in peace.
He breaks up gang fights.
He burst drug rings.
He stops murders and end communal crisis.
He has been where other's fear to be.
He has seen what others fear to see.
He has done what others fear to do.
All this things ABBA KYARI has done is not for money or recognition, he's doing it because he believe in law, justice and peace.

He's a dedicated public servant.
That's why he's one of the most successful police officer of our time.

That's why he's the youngest Deputy commissioner of Police (DCP) and the Most Decorated Officer in the History Of Nigeria police. (Triple IGP Medals Of Courage 2012, 2013, 2014 And Presidential Medal Of Courage 2016)

As police officers,whatever we want to do,we should always remember the oath we swore.

To protect and serve with integrity.
To always uphold the constitution and the police.
To never betray the police, our integrity, our character or the public trust.

To always have the courage to hold ourselves and other's accountable for our actions.

I want to urge all police officers to be dedicated like ABBA KYARI.

I want to urge all police officers to always be civil with the populace.

I want to urge all police officers to always try to bring out the best in others.

I want to urge all police officers to be polite, easy to talk to and be good listeners.

Civilians should see police officers and feel safe and loved.

Civilians should look at police officers and see hope, future, love, best friend and also see an officer with a difference like ABBA KYARI.

We should be ready to defend the weak.
We should be ready to defend people's freedom.
We should be ready to sacrifice so that others may live.

We should be ready to pursue with our last dying breath all who threaten the peace of this great country Nigeria.

To win back the public trust and confidence in the police, each of us must be committed to maintaining the reputation of all of us and all of us must be committed to maintaining the reputation of each of us.

To win back the public trust and confidence in the police, each of us should hold ourselves responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expect of us.

Show people that you really do care and let them appreciate your company like ABBA KYARI.

Treat all individuals whether they are a complainant, suspect or defendant with dignity and respect just like ABBA KYARI.

That's what we are trained to do and its the bedrock of police.

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.

Try everything possible to win back the public trust and confidence in the police.

Do something today that your future self will be proud of.... You won't realize it now, you won't realize it tomorrow, you won't realize it a week from now, a month or even a year from now but you'll realize many years down the line that you've done a great job.

Please ruminate on this piece and be dedicated like our super cop, the youngest (DCP) and the Most Decorated Officer in the history of Nigeria police ABBA KYARI.

Thanks and God bless you as you try to work hard and make a difference in the force.