Bro. Joshua Iginla Gifts Muslim Girl N10 M For Surgery

By The Nigerian Voice

The renowned preacher and Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Bro. Joshua Iginla,, is one of the most charitable ministers of God in the world today is not an exaggeration. With him donating close to two-thirds of his personal earning to charity annually, according to study, means caring, indeed, runs deep through his blood, a revelation of who he truly is as a man. So, it is little wonder that his values are celebrated by many whenever the opportunity arises to return the gesture.

Because his ideology is premised on the understanding that it is fake love if it does not involve giving, Bro. Iginla regularly touches lives physically not minding your religion.

The revered man of God, who is noted for his penchant for showering car and other gifts on the poor as well as touching the lives of the needy, last weekend reached out to people with enough hand-outs to assuage their suffering. One of them was a Muslim girl whom her boyfriend poured acid on. The lady had come to the church for prayers.

Bro. Iginla noticed the Muslim girl during the service, she explained her story to the man of God, how her boyfriend poured acid on her. She had gone to several places for help but none availed her.

Moved with compassion, Bro. Iginla gave her the sum of 10million naira (29,000 USD) and also offer to sponsor her trip to India for surgery.

Bro Joshua Iginla has been fulfilling his kingdom mandate of supporting the needy and touching lives.

Year after year, he spends millions of naira to provide for the needy across the country.