Anambra And Her Call To Home

By Marcel Ike Okonkwo
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Like the sound of the ancient gong
Piercing and traveling through the air
Heralding the warriors on their return in victory
To their fatherland after so long a time in fierce battle.

Like the sound of “Ikolo”
Calling on heroes from the lands of the rising sun and living growth.
The colours of the greatest heroes of where nature speaks in its
Healing secret of roots and herbs in tongues of time.

Like the sound of the talking drums
Beckoning that the later reign will be greater than the former reign,
That our children's generation will be greater than our generation and the Generation of our forefathers who laid down their lives and fought and died for Our freedom.

Like the songs of our ancestors and deities of old.
A song that is a call to home, all great ndi Anambra,
Hack in to the clarion call, for it is time to heal our land,
The land of the unknown beginnings and infinite end
To build the future of our state for our children and generations unborn.

Anambra, a land in the East where we have seen light,
Renewal of dedication, and river of gold across the horizon.
A land in the East where we have seen security, peace, unity,
Brotherliness and hope.
A land where star adorns and soft moon illumines
And our forebears danced at the yellow moon by golden spring.
A land where the harmony of hills and valleys and rivers
Rejuvenate the sweet memories of yesterday.

From the Omambala river, to the cave of Ogbunike.
From the resourcefulness of Nnewi, to glory of Onitsha.
Let the ancient gong resound, for our continued progress is certain.

From the Hills of Enugwu-Ukwu, to the valleys of Nanka.
From the great Oye Nimo, to Eke Ekwulobia.
Let the great “Ikolo” resound, for our continued progress is certain.
From the artifacts of Igboukwu, to the blacksmith of Awka.
From the tourism of Oba, to the food basket of Otuocha
Let the talking drums resound, for our continued progress is certain.

From the cry of Ozoemezina, to the joy of a new era.
From the history of afa Igbo efuna, to the story of nke a bu nke anyi.
Let the Cock crow at dawn, for our continued progress is certain.

Anambra, the heartbeat of Africa,
Let your gray pigeons fly at dawn, and white soar at dusk.
Having chorused with the singing birds
In your nest, the birds must come to rest.

I have a dream that soonest Anambra will be the pride of Africa,
The land of pearls and treasures where people will come from all parts of the Continent to hack in to the ancient chants of the royal gong,Seek peace prosperity, wealth and freedom of soul.

Great warriors of Anambra, great heroes of Anambra, great leaders of Anambra.
I pray for progress. Let there be more progress in Anambra
For our children long to sing like birds in the tree,
And the young be directed along the path of our noble history.

Let peace and progress continue to reign
So that seedlings can grow till they can grow no more.
And the trees to be found towering the skies.
And the fields, green as green could ever be.
And the sun across the horizon of the Omambala river glowing like gold.
So that people unknown will be known, new talents undiscovered will be discovered, and destinies unborn will be born.
Anambra, profound peace and progress to you.

© Marcel Ike Okonkwo, 2019.