Keyamo denies 9-figure payment to Charlie Boy

By The Nigerian Voice
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APC Campaign spokesman Festus Keyamo on Friday attempted to shoot down allegation that he paid co-convener of the “Our Mumu Don Do Movement”, Charles Oputa, aka Charlie boy 9-figures to stop attacking and criticising the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The payment was meant for use of his song that attacks the integrity of Atiku Abubakar, according to Charlie boy. ” I’ve been having some good laugh. Whoever thinks that I would pay a penny for a song by @Areafada1 that disses both the APC and PDP must have his/her head examined, Keyamo said on Friday.

” If the quarreling parties want to hurt their egos by bandying phantom figures, they should leave me out of it, he said on twitter.

” In the world of entertainment, it’s the culture of most (not all) entertainers to raise their stock in the public by bandying phantom figures for their engagements & some others display phantom acquisitions on social media to attract attention and raise their worth for clients ”

I’ve always encouraged @Areafada1 & @adeyanjudeji, who are my long-time friends & clients to continue on the path they chose for themselves. I will hate to see them fall apart. Therefore it behoves us all to work together to put things right. I always enjoy vibrant opposition!