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New female rap sensation, Nita P is on the loose and currently blowing hot. The Delta State-born-artiste whose style is close to that of the late American rap icon, Tupac Shakur, is already making waves across the country, weeks after the release of her debut album.

The tall, beautiful and fair complexioned rap artiste who is presently a final year student of Business Administration at the Lagos State University boasts that the likes of Weird MC would soon leave the stage for her. Nita who started as a chorister at the age of six went solo when she clocked 16. In a recent chat with Daily Sun, Nita Peter reveals what makes her tick:

Musical career
I started showing traits of a musician at the age of two. My mother told me before her death that I used to turn sticks and other materials in the house to percussion instruments while I would also sang different songs. When I became a teenager, I began to think that music is the only thing I could do in life to find happiness and fulfillment. So I learnt how to compose songs, read musical books and listened to other people's music aside singing like them.

Parental support
My dad has always supported us to stick to whatever we want as long as our choice would give God the glory and service to mankind. He was also interested in my education. The same goes for my mother who died two years ago. When she was alive, she always told me to carry on and that one day, I would make it to the top.

Aside Highlife, Gospel, Hip-hop among other genres, I later discovered Tupac's music and fell in love with his style of rap. He's been my mentor musically and since then, I've always tried to rap like him. In Nigeria, I'm the only lady that sings hard core Hip-hop.

I fell in love with his album, Unborn Child. Right now, I think I can rap like him.

It was in 1995 and later in 1997. I tried my hands on another demotape. It was facillitated by a German based Nigerian. He fell in love with my voice and decided to support me financially me to do a demotape. But then I was into gospel music. When he came back he said that he was going to take me to Europe that people there love my songs but he never did. He changed the plan and was asking for my hands in marriage, when I declined he left with annoyance. So I continued from where he stopped.

Latest album
It is entitled What U Sow. It's a ten-tracker featuring rap, R&B and cross over songs. It will soon hit the market. Now I have promo video on air which is a four tracker. It has songs like Life you go Ride, What you sow and With money you go fit make am. But I hope to shoot more videos for the remaining tracks in the album.

Live shows
I have performed with such acts as Flexman, Stereoman and many others. Whenever I perform, people are always surprised and full of praise for my rap and stage-craft.

I don't drink or smoke. My music originates from what I see around me. Most of the time I try to interpret my personal experiences in songs. Basically, societal issues form the basis of my songs. I can say that I am a social commentator and freedom fighter. Let's just wait and see. I intend to start from where Tupac stopped.

I have the belief that I will do better than the current female rap artistes. I won't compete with any one of them. I feel I can do better because what I am doing right now is totally different from what they are doing.