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Pray For Brother Saul

By Osobu Suuru Alexander
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The under-world

The mission
Religiously Unfaultable

Pray, let's pray for
Brother Saul

Crawling out
The desert hole
Like the typical fox of foe

The regalia of blood
On the plain
The desert of Sahara

Pray, let's pray for
Brother Saul

An eye for an eye
The world is blind

Genocide is permissive
Brother Saul; the field marshal!
It's a politico-religious sect!

Pray, let's pray for
Brother Saul

Children; lifeless
Mothers strapped
Until mucus formed to ice

Breathless fathers carried
Remains, cold in the mud
Mass grave!
Dust for dust!

Happy thou Brother Saul
Walking tall on the plaster of
Congealed blood
Five foot height in NW

Pray, let's pray for
Brother Saul

He's got the State certificate
Machine guns in Nigeria
Until there is no more graves
To mark the Crucifix-Emblems

Pray, just pray for
Brother Saul

A prayer of encounter
Unnecessarily unto Brother Paul
Encounter mysterious,
Mysterious forevermore!