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Misplaced Priority

By okafor val

I believe you've seen the viral video of the little girl who was sent home for not paying her school fee. Well, we also know.

1. Let's not wait until an issue goes ow that the video has attracted the attention of many Nigerians including celebrities.

While I sincerely appreciate those who have come to the aid of that little girl, I also want to make few submissions.

viral on social media before we act. There are about 13.5 million children who are currently out of school with no hope of going back. They are on your streets. They are the ones who hawk sachet water and groundnut. They need your help. I know that this is the job of the government but what do you do when those at the top applaud frivolities rather than secure the future of the nation?

2. This is actually the reason for the caption. I read in the news that the local government chairman of sapele has promised to sponsor the little girl (success) till she's done with secondary school. Mr. Chairman sir, I appreciate what you've done. But I think it's a misplaced priority. Why not put the school in good shape and make available learning facilities so that every other child would benefit from your benevolence. With that, the sponsorship success has gotten wouldn't be a waste (imagine her saying she would leave that "kpako school") that's to show you the level of deterioration.

3. Quality education remains the pivot of development. Making it our priority is making progress a priority.

" in the 21st century, the wealth of any nation would not depend on what lies under the feet of its people but what lies between the ears of its people "

Okafor VaL is the executive director of changing your mindset consult, a human capital development firm that focuses on helping individuals live a life of excellence by simply utilizing their unique potentials. He convenes two flagship programmes; Empower the Eaglets Project (ETEP NIG) and project 245, aimed at fostering an all-encompassing approach to education in Nigeria and ensuring premium living.

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