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Record Number of Worshipers Attend Pastor Chris’ Autumn Session of The Healing School

By The Nigerian Voice
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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy successfully hosted another session of The Healing School in Johannesburg, South Africa. This event is known worldwide due to its tremendous impact on people’s lives. The event Thousands of worshipers of Christ Embassy descend on Johannesburg, South Africa for the Autumn Session of the world renown Healing School seeking the restorative powers of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. seeks to aid and cure people from all over the world in the divine healing of their chronic or acute illnesses. Some of these diseases include diabetes, anxiety, depression, HIV, paralysis and more. The attendees, who are worshipers of glory of the Lord, attend in hope of restoration, salvation and finding a path of health and wealth.

Pastor Chris Offers the Gift of Healing

People travel from all over the world to this free event to find the religious health help they need. To attend the healing session, worshipers are required to have a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ and proof of their diseases. Providing proof they suffer from a critical illness, through reports, doctor's notes, medicine and other supporting evidence, attendees receive a free ticket to the session. Attendees participate in different sessions within The Healing School, each of them focusing on a different aspect of worship, religion and The Lord. Of course, in each session God, The Holy Spirit, our savior, Jesus Christ, and religion are present to help heal the soul and body of those who seek healing salvation. Thanks to the divine teachings of Pastor Chris, they always find it.

Assisting the primary advocate and healer Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, The Healing School is also supported by Pastor Deola Phillips. Pastor Chris leads the main sessions and has bestowed upon the ill the miraculous and divine power of God. Numerous times, Pastor Chris has reversed suffering from horrible diseases and revealed them the path of God to his followers. He truly does a miraculous deed, helping people to live a better life. Audiences have come to tears watching the power of Pastor Chris heal those who are suffering.

Testimonials Exhibit the Healing Power of Pastor Chris

The testimonies of attendees of The Healing School demonstrate that Pastor Chris has cured thousands of ill people through the Power of God. These stories prove that miracles do happen through the help of the Lord for those who truly believe in the Holy Spirit and in God. People who suffered from paralysis claim that after attending The Healing School, they were not only able to walk, but to run. Others have shared their stories of how Pastor Chris helped them regain their vision and hearing. People who were born with a visual or hearing impairment were able to hear and see, most of them for the first time, after Pastor Chris channeled the power of God to change their lives.

Innumerable videos of Pastor Chris in the healing session transmitting the Power of God reveal what he is capable of doing. Worshipers attribute their healing to the divine actions of Pastor Chris. “My children are free from the bondage and burden of caring for a blind mother. Today, there's happiness in my home. Now I can do whatever I want to do,” said Philomena Jimoh, a past attendee of The Healing School who regained her vision after a healing session with Pastor Chris. The restoration of Philomena's sight is an example of the good deeds The Healing School does for the children of God.

Every year, Pastor Chris holds sessions in two different locations: Toronto, Canada and Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition to bestowing the healing powers or God, Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris’ church, assists the attendees with obtaining proper entry visas and finding accommodations in the host country. Pastor Chris and his allies will gladly write a letter of invitation to assist attendees with visa requirements. For those who are unable to attend, The Healing School is broadcast both on TV and on the internet thought The Healing School website, allowing all worshippers to partake in the healing sessions and observe in the restorative powers of Pastor Chris.