Nigerian Library Association (NLA) Ambassadorial Envoy marks World Book Day in Mkpat Enin

Source: Victor Eyo, Uyo.
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The Ambassadorial wing of Nigerian Library Association (NLA) in Akwa Ibom State, last Thursday, (March 7, 2019) paid a visit to Ukam community in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area to celebrate World Book Day.

The envoy, led by the NLA State Ambassador, Enwongo-Abasi Francis specifically visited CWEC Secondary School at Ikpa Central village after receiving a warm welcome by the host community.

The occasion did not just offer the envoy an opportunity to celebrate books and its consequential benefits to the society, but also drew public attention the deplorable state of Libraries which happen to be the fountain from which knowledge flow.

Speaking at the occasion, the NLA Ambassador decried lack of facilities in libraries, inadequate information resources and management by non-professionals who lack the qualification and experience to manage the libraries.

"It is disheartening to observe that the people's university "Library" that ushered in the functionally literate society has been left to gradually deteriorate despite its value and corresponding importance to everyone irrespective of social class.

As a nation that has experienced the positive benefits of Western education, we should not continue to talk about bequeathing a rosy future for our children when the classrooms and libraries are gradually going extinct to our detriment." He said.

The envoy also seized the opportunity to call on cooperate entities, multi-nationals, Non-governmental organizations, highly placed individuals, religious societies and the Government at all levels to effect an overhaul in the Education system.