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Ebonyi Guber 2019: The Factors That Compel Umahibration

By Monday Eze
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Everything in life is governed by either natural or super factors. While natural factors are not proof from failure, super factors have superior potency and are dependable. However, the importance of natural factors lie in the fact that oftentimes, it is through them that the super factors are catalyzed to intervene in the natural to give man divine or supernatural intervention. This is why our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to "watch (work) and pray"! It is when we diligently and positively exploit our natural environment that the divine forces intervene to give us supernatural results otherwise known as miracle. In my view, a diligent harness of our natural environment in order to elicit divine intervention amounts to what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome termed "atmosphere for miracles"! From the time of Abraham, God Almighty has continued to faithfully deliver all those who put their trust in Him. The victory of David Jesse and the Israelites over Goliath and the Philistines at the wilderness of Elah was a watershed on this principle of enduring triumph. Before the battle of Elah, David Jesse was prepared for the battle, hence he was already armed with his sling. At Elah, David picked five stones with which he armed himself. Beyond the preparations within the domain of the "natural", David Jesse launched into the realm of the "super" by handing over both his plans through supplications to God for His intervention and the grace of victory. David Jesse went further to demonstrate his faith in omnipotent God by boasting of the omnipotent God to the Philistine. The rest is history.

As things stand, the 2019 Ebonyi gubernatorial election promises to be a re-enaction of the battle of Elah where the opposition represents the carnal giant - Goliath. True to this representation, the opposition in Ebonyi State is full of itself and boasts of federal might which is merely carnal and unreliable. I read a social media update of one of the media aides of the APC gubernatorial candidate celebrating an alleged approval by both the APC national chairman and the APC unofficial leader who was governor of Lagos State to "award" victory in the 9th March Ebonyi gubernatorial polls to the APC candidate! So, the APC candidate is coming to Ebonyi gubernatorial political battle inspite of Ebonyi electorate; with "Federal might"; and in the names of the APC national chairman and that of the APC unofficial leader! Conversely, Umahi like the David of the Bible whom he took after by name and inclination began by watching (working) for Ebonyi people and has continued to watch (work) for Ebonyi people even at this period of campaigns. So far, Umahi has built over 40 % of Ebonyi roads on rigid pavement. Umahi's compassionate arm of empowerment has reached over 60,000 Ebonyians through channels like the Ministry of Human Capital Development, Family Succour and Upliftment Programme, the department of Religious and Welfare Matters, all the Christian denominations and other faith-based organizations. It is on record that Gov. Umahi's administration boasts of the highest number of meaningful political appointments in the history of Ebonyi State. Umahi has restored environmental sanitation to Ebonyi State and made it sustainable by building the largest waste recycling plant in Nigeria at Umuoghara, Ebonyi State. That pulverization plant holds over 3000 skilled and unskilled job opportunities for Ebonyi youths and offers Ebonyi people room to earn income through sale of domestic refuse. Aesthetics of Abakaliki Capital Territory have been enhanced through the construction of five beautiful roundabouts, water fountains and the installation of street lights along all the streets in Abakaliki and in satellite towns and council secretariats in the State.

Unrelenting Engr. Umahi has encouraged Ebonyi local engineers to fabricate UNIDO-standard biomas gasification power plants. Presently, a cumulative target of 7.5 megawatts of electricity is being realistically pursued. In no distant time, power generated from biomass will drive the three industrial clusters which Umahi is building in Uburu, Iboko and Umuoghara. The excess power generated from the biomass gasification power project will be sold to power distribution companies to generate revenue for the young state. Security of lives and property has been restored and sustained by Umahi through subventions to security agencies and the establishment of Ebonyi Neighborhood Security Watch. Umahi built and equipped the first virology centre in southeast Nigeria in Abakaliki just as all the General Hospitals in Ebonyi State have been upgraded. A modern Accident and Emergency ward is under construction at Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, while a creative tricycle ambulance scheme has been put in place to handle medical emergencies right from the villages of Ebonyi State. The three modern overhead bridges and the overhead glass tunnel are wonders to behold. Even though the list of Umahi's achievements which cannot be exhausted in a piece like this are enough to secure his second term, he is not resting on his oars. Umahi, like David Jesse, is not relying on "his sling and the five stones". A man who has built many churches as well as the magnificent Ebonyi Ecumenical Centre in Abakaliki knows that the best point to seek victory from is the spiritual realm. Umahi has continued to pray with the body of Christ in Ebonyi State for electoral victory. His political campaigns have a compulsory prayer session which makes them more of prayer campaigns. Like David Jesse, David Umahi, combines both the super and the natural in his approach to the political battle of 9th March, 2019.

Certainly, Umahi's supernatural approach will yield divine victory. Without a punch, the walls of the 2019 gubernatorial election are already caving in for Governor David Umahi as 26 gubernatorial candidates of political parties have, on 5th March 2019, stepped down and pledged their support for him; just as the All Progressive Congress in Ebonyi State is ravaged by irreconcilable clash of interests! As written in the Bible book of Daniel, "Those who know their God shall do exploits". So, Ebonyi people and their friends are hereby invited to the celebration of Umahi's second term victory which will commence with Sunday services at churches in Ebonyi State. This celebration is known as "Umahibration" and it will last till 2023!