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The Africa We Want

By okafor val
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The African union agenda of 2063 encapsulates the fundamental values of a progressive continent at large. Ironically, Africa is a shadow of herself today. It is not a façade that our fathers had a dream for a progressive continent we all can be proud to live in and talk about. They fought colonization with so much zeal and tenacity. Many of them paid the supreme price of laying down their lives for the emancipation of our dear continent. Eventually, their dreams have birthed a conscious desire enshrined in the African union agenda to be achieved in 2063.the world is ruled by dreamers and I am privileged to be one of them.

First and foremost, I dream of an Africa where security of lives and property is guaranteed. Africa is at war with herself and until we recognize this fact, we will continue to shed the blood of our brothers and sisters. An Africa where the provision of basic amenities will be a consistent part of governance, an Africa where there will be improved level of education up to world class standard. It is sad that no African university is ranked 1-100 in the world. Currently in Nigeria, there are about 13.2 million out-of-school children. The future of the younger generation lies in jeopardy, we must wake up to the recognition of the fact that the wealth of any nation is not dependent on what lies beneath the feet of its people but what lies between the ears of its people.

Furthermore, I dream of an Africa where the leaders put service above self gratification. Leaders who are not tribalistic, power drunk and self-conceited. Where the term “leaders of tomorrow” will cease to be a cliché and will actually refer to the youths.

Again, I dream of an Africa where jobs are available for our students upon graduation, an Africa where human rights are respected and not just documented. I dream of an Africa where the faces of our children would no longer be used by foreign organizations to depict poverty, vulnerability and underserving.