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An S. O. S. Message To The Wise Men And Women Of Our Country - Let Us Save And Preserve Our Country

The Traditionalists, Witches And Witzards Of Our Country: Nigeria Is The Only Place We Can Call Home
Source: Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.
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A dire need has come again once more for one to address you the traditionalists, witches and wizards of our country, Nigeria. Of course other Nigerians are not, by any means excluded from this address. Nigeria is for all of us and its success belongs to us all. But I must first of all, again, congratulate all the wise men and women, by definition, the witches and wizards including many of the traditional rulers, the custodians of the culture of our country, for their past defense of Nigeria during the elections of 2015. Before the elections that brought in Muhammad Buhari as president, we learned of your meeting that was held at Afuze in Edo State in which Indian and Kenyan Witches and Wizard attended upon your invitation to them. The communiqué from that meeting at Afuze was read out at a Press Conference in Lagos by your leader/Spokesman, Dr. Okhue Iboi. There were all kinds and types of rumors, and many predictions that Nigeria will not survive the election; that the country will fall apart and; that foreign powers will come in to reoccupy Nigeria if fighting should break out during and after the election. Of course, the week before the elections saw many Nigerians in the big cities exodus to their various villages and hamlet afraid of the rumored and predicted doomsday that was to befall Nigeria. Alas, that elections came and gone, and Nigeria stood firmly without fall. Therefore, we thank you for your assistance which we know contributed to the success of Nigeria prevailing in that election of 2015. Nigeria is the only place we can call home; we must save Nigeria and preserve it.

Today, Nigeria and Nigerians are faced again with an uncertainty due to another presidential election in which Muhammadu Buhari; a Fulani is contesting again against Atiku Abubakar, another Fulani. There are other more qualified candidates, Olufemi Sowore and Kingsly Moghalu by dint of their realness, young, experience, education, articulate and candor. The last two contestants are little known in the interior of the country in spite of their qualifications, experiences and their much more obvious known concerns for the well being of the country and the people. The big problem, however, in this election for Nigeria and Nigerians is Buhari and Atiku. Both are Fulani and both appear to have ulterior motive under their sleeves. According to a former President of Nigeria, both Buhari and Atiku are two evils in which the lesser evil is preferred. To him, Atiku is the lesser evil and he was presented by his political party, PDP. But this writer in his own opinion, based on experience and knowledge devoid of any political affiliation in Nigeria, holds that evil is not preferred for Nigeria neither of the two “evils.” This is because evidence and rumors show that the Fulani among us are after Nigeria and the blood of Nigerians for the sole purpose of eventual Islamization while holding onto political power of the country.

Consequently therefore, Nigerians must be strong to face the challenges before them. Nigerians must learn to use what they have in any fight with any invading forces either from within or from afar, visible or invisible. In this regards therefore, the wise men and women of Nigeria and those who are the custodians of our traditions and culture must raise up to the occasion to defend Nigeria; such occasion as now calls for the wisdom of our ancestors, including the wisdom of our elders; and including the wisdom of the witches and wizards of our country. It is known to the few among us that Spiritual knowledge is not accepted in the public domain, a reason that a very few have admitted that they are a Witch or Wizard. However, it is not an over generalization to say that no one is able to admit that he or she is a Witch or Wizard. It is the same reason some societies are called secret societies by the novice uninitiated. With this understanding, the Witches and Wizards of Nigeria must do everything in their power with God to ensure that the election of on the 16th of February, 2019 must come and go in peace and concord, and ensure that the one who would govern Nigeria in the interests of Nigerians and Nigeria in the next 4 years is installed as our President. You have the knowledge and wisdom to turn enemies, from within and without, including foreign invaders against themselves; that their plan to destabilize Nigeria backfires on them.

It is not a rumor or secret any more as to the number of mass killings of Nigerians, men and women including pregnant women whose unborn babies were cut open from the womb and killed. This had happened in many towns and villages, and in farms and urban areas all over the country. But with these killings, President Buhari had made not one statement about the mass killings nor has he taken any action to stop the wanton killings of innocent Nigerians by his kindred. The strongest of the rumors has it that if Buhari wins the election, he will carry out his plans to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country by governmental force. One may not doubt this plan considering the facts that all the most sensitive security positions which include the Police, Army, most of the ministerial portfolios, and heads of parastatals, in the country are in the hands of the Fulani whom he, Buhari had appointed to those positions. Also in the rumors is that if Buhari should fail to prevail in the election, his pseudo governmental forces, the Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram who have already been considered to have declared a covert war on Nigeria would formally declare an open Jihad war on Nigeria and Nigerians by mass killing of many non-Muslim Nigerians. The non-Muslim are, in one’s opinion, the Traditionalists, Christians and non-Christians citizens of Nigeria.

On the other hands, Atiku has not declared or remove himself from Buhari’s rumored and predicted plans. Over three weeks ago, this author had processed some basic questions regarding the rumors that Fulani and Headsmen want to slaughter Nigerians and take over Nigeria should Buhari be denied to contest the election. Further, that it would be good to know why he has not said a word or commented on the killings of Nigerians by Fulani Headsmen. As of this moment of my writing, I have no knowledge that he has declared his stand on the issue. However, one is aware that he got the set of questions because one of his consultants informed me that he had advised him to make a statement with the questions I asked him either in a press conference or during his campaigning. I also sent a text message to him which I am yet to receive a response. I recognize that he is now a very busy man; in addition one is in the know that he is on his campaign trails. But what is worth doing is worth doing well, I want people to know his stand on the killings of innocent Nigerians.

In addition to the on-going suspicions, since Buhari and his cabal took over the reign of government in 2015, the United States’ CIA has for weeks now issued a warning, warning Nigerians of a massive in-flux and invasion of aliens from Chad, Niger, Cameroon and the Sudan for the purpose of electoral malpractices in the coming elections in Nigeria. According to the CIA finding, included in the massive movement of the thugs and mercenary were light and heavy weapons which were traced to have been contracted by personnel in the present Buhari government with the purpose of invading Nigeria to aid in electoral malpractices in the coming election. Although, the US had warned that the democratic process going on in Nigeria must not be disturbed or averted. To my knowledge no other body in the International Community which include the United Nations, UN and the Amnesty International had said a word in spite of the senseless killings that looks like ethnic cleansing in their bid and in violation of the Secular status of Nigeria. The barbaric slaughtering of human beings without a cause should constitute a flagrant violation of Human Rights, the Right to live to live a life. Boko Haram and Fulani Headsmen have been raiding and killing mass innocent Nigerians. No one has been charged nor has anybody been called to question; not by authorities in Nigeria or anywhere else. Nigerians should not forget that those who are afraid of us because of our human energies and dynamism are happy when we are in the kind of situation we are today, hence some viable members of the International Community will pretend innocent.

Finally, we also call on all Nigerian men and women of God who claim to have the knowledge and power to perform “miracles” in their Churches on every Sunday around Nigeria, every Sunday to stand up to defend Nigeria at this time with what they know as men of God. We have come to understand that some of the men and women of God in our country, Nigeria are wise men and women, the wisdom being what assists them to attract such huge congregation with women being the largest of the members. Nigerian Muslims are not left out of this call because there are many Muslims, men and women who equally love Nigerians and Nigeria, and they also need Nigeria to survive. One may not doubt it that there are many Muslims, men and women who know and understand the wisdom of the Witches and Wizards and are able to use it for good in the interests of Nigeria. Our country belongs to all of us and Nigeria and Nigerians need all the assistance they can get from all Nigerians in the coming election.

All in all, may the Divine manifest our needs and desires in Nigeria this year and forever. Itse.

God has blessed Nigeria and will continue to, and God bless all Nigerians. Amen. Itse

Professor Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D. is a Professor of Political Science and the Executive Director/CEO of Onima Institute, Atlanta USA [email protected]

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