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Sen. Joseph Waku: 1949– 2019. A Tribute By Citizen John Akevi

By John Akevi
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As William Shakespeare encapsulated in one of his celebrated literary works that the world we live in is a stage, the late literary colossus who bestrode the literary firmament had seen the ephemeral nature of life and arrive at the conclusion that human life is indeed short, brutish and transient.

And true to the above dictum of the late literary giant, such was the pall of gloom that enveloped the Tiv Nation on the 3rd February, 2019.

That day, death assumed legs and crept into the high brow residence of Waku, thereby leaving in its wake the untimely demise of our beloved father Sen. Joseph Kennedy Nyikwagh Waku who took a final bow to the under world beyond. His death on the 3rd of February, 2019,was indeed a black Sunday for the family and the Tiv nation.

JKN, as you were fondly called, we will miss you. Your generosity, friendliness, and selflessness were unsurpassed, your memory lives in our hearts.

JKN, you were an angel of hope, compassion, love and care. You brought joy and solution to all our worries and fears, you lived a life of selfless service to humanity, if good deeds could get one a ticket to heaven, I am sure you would have had several extras to give out. One thing we will learnt from you, which I consider priceless, is the spirit of giving.

You gave from your words, you gave from your time, you gave from your actions and your prayers, you gave from material possessions, casting a positive image on our lives.

JKN, you taught us what a rich heart and warm hand can do. Challenging us to understand that since we do not know tomorrow, it is today that we must offer ourselves.

It takes a tragedy to understand the meaning of life and harvest the treasures that make up our life experiences.

JKN, you were a pillar, an anchor, a foundation and a problem solver for many. You brought joy and comfort to so many, you were extremely complete in the management of human relations, you were generous to faults, always there for everyone, every time, it wasn't only about family but about friends, relations and the nation.

You taught us that, it is not long but how well one leaves his foot print in the sands of time. We have seen, heared and understand your words now. And we missed you. Adieu JKN!!!

Citizen John Akevi, is a writer, blogger and social media expert base in Bauchi State,Nigeria.

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