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When Deaf Ears Hear! 

By Dr Tosin Akindele 
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A thieving uncle is a seasoned politician who just had a stroke. I sent him this:

"It is said that man trades his health and life for money, then spends all his money trying to get his health and life back".

"In painful allusion to how the medical profession yanks away doctors' lives from friends, associates and family, destroying our social lives and all things that really matter! It takes deeper insights from these associates to see these things, tolerate attending poverty in true doctors and stay on... Through thick and thin!

I often sermonise that The Physicians Oath must be presented to medical school prospects before enrolment... Not after!

A man must know what he is about to buy!
I suppose this is even more true for individuals not compelled to so trade their lives so as to save the lives of others as dictated by some pristine professional ethics and calling.

I refer to persons who are quick to argue that money answereth all problems...and devote their lives to chasing it, not minding if lives are snuffed out along the way!

By such analogies, a man who readily kills his political opponents is not much different from another whose theft of public funds directly kills diseased kids who are deprived of drugs in hospitals! This man would readily globe trot all in a desperate effort to save his life and limb...but his life is not any more important than the lives of multitudes his thievery has killed!

I suppose counsels like these gain deeper penetration into people's brains at times of trials, especially during health challenges.

Pardon me sir, if I seem to gloat.
But believe me...that was not my intention!
Your Nephew,
Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.