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This Year We Must First Create Peace Within Ourselves

By Farouk Martins Aresa
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Personal satisfaction leads to happiness. It creates an aura that can spread and radiates around people of goodwill, those seeking happiness and good health without greed in their lives. Some project this character to attract in disguise, take advantage of others’ weakness and create conflicts. This charade cannot be sustained for very long except to those seeking gain where they did not sow hard work or sweat hoping but wishing for miracles. Heaven only helps those who help themselves.

The Troubled soul is a dangerous state of mind. If we do not have peace within ourselves, it is difficult to create peace you do not have for others. So, physician is asked to heal thyself before he can heal others. But physicians that work on women or deliver a baby they never had, must have been trained as obstetrician or gynecologist. The difference is training, skill, process of mind or purification peacemaker had within before he could find or create peace for others.

What matters is our reputation because it outlives us. We can spend a whole lifetime building a good character for lasting reputation only to be destroyed in a day. This is the reason well-earned reputation is worth fighting for and preserving, even in the face of doubts and jealousy to destroy it. A good reputation can be tested. Indeed, jealousy may turn out to be a validation of success among your peers. It shows how far you have gone creating peace within.

We know that a hungry man is an angry man, what about a well fed angry man? The ones that satisfy their anger on the misfortune of others. It takes the last straw to break the camel's back before a hungry man reacts. But it takes a flip of the finger, the whims and caprices of a well fed man to perpetrate calamity. Do not forget, it is much harder to build but easier to destroy. No amount of wealth can satisfy greed and power, even when well-fed man have both!

Power and greed are insatiable drugs. It is peace within that lives and let others live. It has nothing to do with self-defense against those that came up in your face to take advantage of your gentility as a sign of weakness. But when you go after the meek and the weak because they are least able to defend themselves, you have issues and misplaced anger that must be ameliorated within you before you can create peace in and outside your communities.

What does a man gain as a pastor, politician, imam or spiritual leader that command believers to eat grass, demands the sacrifice of their loved ones like a lamb or order affliction of pain or destruction only to satisfy his anger or indulgence as power drunk. The primordial instincts or hedonistic tendencies of a well-fed angry man is much worse than that of a poor hungry man.

There are no people anywhere that cannot do more with peace, civility, love and happiness. The problem is well fed angry people feed on misery of others by creating chaos. They project their evil mind on others as survival tactics like blood sucking Vampire. It does not have to be, with all the privileges they enjoy. But the anger in them burns like a hot iron. They have no respite until they are delivered or cured of their afflictions. We have seen this throughout history.

Sooner than later, it has resulted in uncontainable chaos beyond the capacity of the evil perpetrator. They beam false confidence as if everything on earth is within their power and reassure their minority base that whatever they agitate would never spin out of control even when they run the risk. But their immediate need for gratification overwhelms their deranged brain. Name any community, you will find a case in point.

These well fed angry men started out as bullies early, in schools. Some tortured little animals and gradually move on to torture weaker classmates by making fun of them to destroy their self-esteem. The same self-esteem they lack only comes by destroying that of others for self-validation. They turn from mental abuse to physical abuse especially against those that cannot stand up to them and fight back. Remember now, they are bullies.

Teachers might see them as boisterous or just rowdy before they realized they had a bully that would graduate into a thug. While some may drop out of school, those from privileged homes get away with abnormal behavior requiring early intervention for anger management. Once teachers and authorities overlook the dangerous trends, the evil grows in them. They enjoy the ability to create more mischief and get away with it.

On the other hand, less privileged kids end up in reformed schools, treatments centers and correctional facilities. Sometimes on the streets. Unfortunately, for less abusive behavior than these privileged kids. While privileged kids make it to the best institutions inside or outside their country, less privileged children eventually drop out and may end up in jail.

It is important that we realize that well-fed angry men did not suddenly become a narcissist, they started earlier and got away with it. Some have attributed their devious minds to certain genetic makeup or disorder. Do not bet on that. The main reason is impunity and the audacity by which they commit murder, brag about it and get away with it while others similarly situated languish in jail for the rest of their lives or head to the guillotine for the same offense.

They are so sure of what they could get away with based on their experience, shady characters they admired as heroes and the encouragement they get from a narrow minority in powerful positions. Yet most people would not expect people in such exalted positions to condone these atrocities because of their positions and the righteous image they project.

Nevertheless, they were the ones that use legal tactics, religious and immoral logistics to rationalize unbecoming behavior they condemned others for. They use the instrument of the system to protect themselves and their children but use the same system to cajole, threaten, prosecute and persecute others.

The difference between a bully that wants power and a decent opponent boils down to consequences of their action. Bullies want to win by any means necessary to achieve their narrow personal goals while consequences to the majority are irrelevant. It is all about the reckless behavior to use any available means that is receptive at the expense of the masses.

However, Nemesis, Karma or African Aiyelala always catch up with them. Most end up miserably eventually caged inside their communities or on the run for exile, disguising their appearance moving from one location to another for fear of been caught. It has been claimed that we need a strong system to prevent such well-fed angry men, they forgot that even the system itself could be corrupted!

Most finally pay for their demonic deeds by the last straw that breaks the camel's back. When the hungry, cheated and dispossessed get angry and had enough. Unfortunately, revolt against them or jungle justice also claim innocent lives, they are called collateral damages. Well-fed angry men either lose power, get captured, incarcerated or succumb to suicide. They end up miserably.