VP Debate: Reactions From: PDP, Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki, Aminu Tambuwal, Ayodele Fayose, Gov. Dankwambo, Reno Omokri, others

By The Nigerian Voice

PDP: We applaud @PeterObi ’s articulation of statistics; of practical steps to revamp our economy, trigger wealth creation, massive employment and return our people to productivity, through the revitalization of our productive and manufacturing sectors

@PeterObi amply displayed an unprecedented understanding of the dynamics of the critical sectors of our economy with practical solutions to the problems as against VP @ProfOsinbajo who dwelt on false performance claims &displayed scanty understanding of our great economic issues.

Atiku Abubakar: We congratulate our Vice Presidential candidate, Governor @PeterObi , for his outstanding performance at the 2019 Vice Presidential debate on Friday.

I watched with pride as @PeterObi laid out our vision to get Nigeria working again. Can’t wait for the presidential debate. #2019Debate

Aminu Tambuwal: Nigeria needs a Vice President like Peter Obi. Well articulated, a sound economist who understands how Nigeria's economy works. Together with @atiku , Nigeria will be on the right track to greatness. #Letsgetnigeriaworkingagain . Watching the #VPDebate I can assure Nigerians that @officialPDPnig we got the right man for the job as Vice President. Peter Obi is backing all his points with facts and figures, proffering solutions too. What a man!

Ayodele Fayose: Delighted that our VP candidate, Peter Obi demonstrated high level of understanding of issues relating to the economy of this country. In PDP, we have brains in abundance, while in the other party, they have lies in abundance. We will surely get Nigeria working again.

Bukola Saraki: Tonight, @PeterObi , the Vice-Presidential Candidate of our great party, @OfficialPDPNig , reeled out the facts. He showed Nigerians across the nation why we need to #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain ! #2019Debate

Gov. Dankwambo: I love the way our Vice Presidential Candidate @PeterObi is ‘Atikulating’ his points. It’s instructive to note that we need a Vice President who is economically savvy and can get the job done. #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain #2019Debate

Reno Omokri: “Fighting corruption is not an economic policy. It is not that you can’t fight corruption. But you can fight it more aggressively while addressing economic issues”- @PeterObi , @OfficialPDPNig VP Candidate