I Have Worked For Gov. Rochas Without Payment

Source: Prof. Protus Uzorma Nathan

In the 45 laws of the book “The 48 Laws of Powers” Robert Greene says, “Everyone understands the need for change in the abstract, but on the day-to-day level people are creatures of habit. Too much innovation is traumatic, and will lead to revolt. If you are new to a position of power, or an outsider trying to build a power base, make a show of respecting the old way of doing things. If change is necessary, make it feel like a gentle improvement on the past”.

I quite agree with Robert Greene in keeping to the old ways of doing things, which is following due process in line with the rule of law; this present administration lacks due process. I do hope that the next governor shall do the needful with regards to Gov. Rochas negligence and laxity to the rule of law.

There are no cutting corners to excellence. When our Governor took over from Ohakim, he was in a hurry to deliver. Being in a hurry to deliver portrays a serious lack of control over oneself; a situation that has turned out a bitter one for Imo people. In becoming a detective of the right moment the true test of leadership is evaluated. Gov. Okorocha appointed too many advisers years back to boost his administration, but it appears that they are all there to watch him do the wrong things. Though I heard that his advisers (I mean Chief Rochas) have no influence over him, as they fear him like the Njaba goddess. Those who are fearless left him like the case of Hon. Chief Ejike Uche and others.

I am convinced that Gov. Rochas knows that I have been working for him for years without payment on one occasion he responded to my speech at NUJ Imo state chapter that if not for critics like me, he would not have achieved the much he has achieved. By implication, I have been working for Chief Rochas without payment. Though I am yet to see the much he claimed to have achieved in Imo state. He ended up destroying the chatter of equity which is the bond and bedrock for the unity we cherish in Imo state.

Some of the paid Senior or Junior advisers are conscious of their monthly little ‘take home’ which may not serve them because Rochas is not willing to invest where he cannot harvest or reap. Yes, this is the true nature of a capitalist. So he needs to be told the bitter truth. His behaviors reminds me of my old friend while in the United States of America who advised his son thus, “Dress like a lawyer, behave like a priest, but think like a thief”.

Now in dressing like a lawyer his true colour would not be known. In behaving as a priest, he would become the ultimate hypocrite. In thinking like a thief their lies his true colour. This appears to be the true nature of politicians in Nigeria, no wonder Maureen Potter says, “Politicians are like nappies. They should be changed often and for the same reason.” Yes Imo people need this change.

Now that our governor appears not to love the rule of law his advisers are in trouble. Don’t pretend to know it, when in the real sense you may be a complete novice of the principles of good governance. According to Margaret Thatcher, “I don’t mind how much my minister’s talk, as long as they do what I say in the end”. This is Owelle’s principle and such cannot move any state or nation forward. A good leader must try to listen to good advice.

In the words of Anthony De Mello, “When a million people follow you, ask yourself where you have gone wrong” and for John Mason, “If you don’t have any challenges in your life, you should get down on your knees and ask, ‘God, don’t you trust me anymore?” It is very interesting to note however, that Owelle was followed and loved by Imo people, whether this is by destiny or by manipulation is not my concern but the truth now is that all those who followed him have all abandoned him and tongues are wagging. The eyes of the mugus (mgbadas ) are now opened to know that the sound of a bitter cola is different from its taste. Imo people are crying and calling on God for help. May we not enter into another Rochas like government in 2019 in Jesus Name!

In the midst of the same crowd that shouted for Owelle’s praise with full expectation, great enemies have emerged due to obvious disappointment. I did mention this to Owelle, before he was elected governor. This article is again designed to pose a serious challenge to His Excellency in order to sit up because Imo Government House belongs to Imo people and not to Rochas and his Rescue Mission.

I am aware that our governor have good advisers but they may be afraid of telling him the bitter truth for fear of losing their jobs, as a result they have continued to clap for him in error; chief Okorocha, be informed that those who praise you in error will mock you in defeat. That is why you need this nivaquine column for better inspiration. You are always in a hurry if not how can you still be insisting on succeeding yourself with your son in law.

Owelle Rochas, do not concern yourself with yesterday’s regrets nor with tomorrow’s faithful possibilities that you fail to fulfill the promises of today. According to St. Augustine, “Time takes no holiday”. As someone whose administration is in a hurry, you have left many things undone. Get into the habit of living according to plan, if you have any. You have been given sufficient time, but the result you have is not encouraging. Leave nothing to change. Hurry, worry and anxiety defeat your purpose. Panic measures and attempting everything at a time have exposed your inability to govern well.

You may not know that you have more enemies than you think. Purchasing private Jet is a core economic waste, please avoid such mistake and don’t blame your lack of performance upon Imo people whom you say some time ago are too difficult to govern; this is exactly what bad leaders do.

Once a man went to the king’s palace and made his way right up to the throne. The king who is meek in approach asked him what he was looking for. The visitor said, “I am looking for a sleeping-place in this caravan”. This is no caravan, this is my palace” the king speedily replied. Then the visitor asked, “Who was it before yours?” “My father’s” replied the king. “And before that?” Asked the visitor. “My grand fathers” replied the king. The visitor then said, “And this palace, where people come and go, staying and moving on, you call other than a caravan?”

The interaction between the king and the visitor should tell our governor that soja go, soja come and that what matters most is the legacy you live behind. Okorocha shall soon become an ex-governor the question that should continue to bother him is, what shall I be remembered for? Give Imo state the deserved attention for (according to Albert Einstein) “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves”. Owelle, you have few months now to vacate Imo Government House and you shall soon be remembered for either good or bad. Kindly allow Imo to remain with God in peace. Don’t forget that I have worked for you without payment from 2011 to 2018 to 2019; my governor, if you monetize this advice you the worth and value.

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