"40 Million Nigerians Are Mad" ~ Presidency

By The Nigerian Voice
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Yes, they are mad! This is the only truth this government has spoken since their assumption into office in 2015.

You increased fuel pump price from N87 to N150 per liter and they still insist voting for you again in 2019, are they not mad?

You empowered Fulani herdsmen to slaughtered more than 200 innocent Nigerians in Plateau state and they still insist that you are the best government since the creation of Nigeria, are they not mad?

You crumbled the fastest growing economy in Africa by making detrimental economy policies and they all rally behind you and promised to deliver to you their wards and units in the upcoming election, are they not mad?

You order the military to used live bullets on innocent Shites Muslims protesting for the released of one of their member Illegally detained by you and they are saying you are a democrat, are they not mad?

Your Kano state governor is accused of collecting bribe worth million of Dollars from contractors, and you said, he is the most responsible governor in Nigeria and they insist they stand with you, are they not mad?

You forged WAEC certificate, a crime punishable by the law and they insist that you are the only president with integrity in Nigeria, are they not mad?

You travel to London regularly to treat yourself with their money and up till date you have not disclose to them the nature of your sickness and how much of our money you've spent so far yet they are clapping and dancing at your deceitful nature, are they not mad?

We in the wailers association of Nigeria are not mad because we are not in support of your evil government but those supporting your incompetency and your vision less government are MAD and by right they should have been in psychiatric hospital but THIS IS NIGERIA where mad people walks round the streets with voters card to vote for

incompetence again.
I remain Visionary Victor Marcus, a card carrying member of Nigeria Wailers Association.