Europe & Americas Stole And Denied Africa’s Civilization

By Farouk Martins Aresa

The reason the present looks bleak is the value Africans placed on the culture that are emulated and exchanged for gold, blood and sweat. So, they have new generation of Africans claiming they are tired of past history, but interested in the present. Some of the ways African children are demoralized and brainwashed to value every skin tone but their own black skin and proven brain power are to steal, obliterate and when everything fails hide their accomplished history and culture from them.

Transfer of intellectual properties and natural resources without credit, conscience or payment is the greatest mistake of Africans. Those old enough remember how the British accused Americans of intellectual theft and the younger ones today are witnessing Americans accusing the Chinese and Japanese of intellectual property theft. One can only imagine the cost of these thefts from Africa by Europe and Americas if we put the theft of Africa’s intellectual and natural resources into the same perspective.

Therefore, this is not about ancient history just to make African children feel good but on why your rich culture and invention are hidden from you. Before we move on, we must understand how the definition of black has changed over the years. This is intentional in order to hide the great work of black people in history.

Ethiopia, Sudan and Meroe were at the forefront of world power and civilization. Egypt was a colony of Ethiopia. While it is a fact reflected in countries around Mediterranean Sea and the so called Middle East that there were European, Arab, Christian and Muslim conquests, they mixed and intermarried with the Egyptians, Ethiopians and Sudanese of Meroe. White and white blood could not produce colored Egyptians today.

Aristotle, one of the greatest of Greek philosophers, wrote in Physiognomonica that "the Ethiopians and Egyptians are very black". Herodotus (also a Greek historian) adds that the ancient Egyptians had "black skin and wooly hair”. Luckily, they hardly penetrated their goal: honeypot of the real source of gold, iron and slaves until much later. Even then, most of them could not survive the tropical rain-forest because of Tsetse flies.

The priests of Egypt cited from records in their holy books that in the former times they were visited by Orpheus and Musaeus, Melampos, Daedalos. Besides, the poet Homer, Lycurgus the Spartan, Solon the Athenian, and Plato the philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos and the mathematician Eudoxus, as well as Democritus of Abdera; Oenopides of Chios, also came to Africa.

Africans are told of the richest woman and man of all times, the Queen of Sheba and Mansa Kankan Musa. Africans are so proud of them, they beam with pride of their intercontinental adventures carrying gifts of gold and diamond, the old currencies on which modern currency of gold standard was based. They spent so much, the African Queen and Emperor depressed world markets. Their lavish spending was legendary.

The Queen of Sheba and Musa Kankan Musa were fools spending like drunken sailors while the rest of the world were tracing the source of their wealth to loot. Apart from Ethiopia and its colony Egypt; gold, diamond and ivory flourished further south into the Rainforest where the Great Empire of Ghana, Mali, Songhai and Bornu sourced their wealth. African kings and queens are so rich; they always attract outsiders to honeypot.

Ancient Zimbabwe was claimed as the work of some mixed race to deny Africans the credit. The largest diamond is “Star of Africa I,” or “Cullinan I,” weighed 530 carats, it is the largest-cut fine-quality colorless diamond in the world. The second largest stone, the “Star of Africa II” or “Cullinan II,” was 317 carats from South Africa.

Mungo Park and other explorers that ventured deeper into the South, battled TseTse Fly and malaria before they could reap the booties they came for. Indeed, Kwame Nkrumah honored TseTse flies for their victorious battle against invaders which kept them abbey for a long time. But for TseTse Fly, invasion by the Moroccan into Songhai Empire could have gone longer and further South to capture the gold mines earlier.

When you want to hang a dog, you give it a bad name. Every race around the world fought wars and conquered their neighbors as slaves. Slaves were demonized and treated badly, in most cases dehumanized so that they can be kept working in the most inhumane back-breaking tasks. As the cost and source of labor became scarce and too expensive within, Empires traded and looked for riches beyond their continents. Indeed, Emperors became hungrier for fame, riches and conquests.

Slave trade took a sinister turn: as if it was not repulsive enough, when inter-continental conquests intensified into the 18th to the 19th centuries. For about five hundred years, the same Africa that was the source of Philosophy in Arts and Sciences was plunged into darkness by the inhuman treatment of man to man. Inhospitable and treasonous treatment had to be justified by dehumanization, bereavement of culture and civilization.

Europe and America colonization in the form of trade were later repetition of the greed of Moroccan Army for African natural resources in Songhai. Africans cannot claim westerners sold them empty vanities in exchange for natural resources, especially if they are naive enough not to see through Structural Adjustment and Devaluations of their currencies in countries that gold reserves should have favored them with gold standard.

Africa gold is everything westerners have ever wanted: apart from it natural resources, brain power, goods and services arduously supplied and for which little is paid. It’s mere logic that it is not how much you earn but how much is spent. No matter how much you have or earn, you can end up owing much more if you place enormous or greater value on what others produce but nothing or little value on what you produce or refuse to.

It has been stated for centuries that if the Egyptians and Pharaoh understood how Moses predicted and save them from famine, they would not have treated the Jews so badly. Times and circumstances changed and ungrateful children ignore or forget the good deeds rendered to their forefathers. This is mainly the reason the next generation pay back the children of their African benefactors ungracefully.

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