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When the name Lady Omorede Osifo is mentioned, what easily comes to mind is a former Commissioner for Arts and Culture in Edo State. But what only a few know is that she is the House of Representatives aspirant for Oredo constituency, whose ambition was scuttled by the godfathers in the 2003 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries for the seat.

Since that bitter experience,the former commissioner has shied away from elective office. Osifo, who is the President, Advancement For Women in Democracy (AWID), a non governmental oraganization (NGO) told SBD recently, that her fear has always been that those who stopped her before, may want to stop her again.

'It was very painful. That was why for a long time, I decided not to contest for any election. Even after that, the next election came in 2007 and people felt Omorede Osifo should run for something. But when you have that kind of experience it is hard for you to get up again, and say I want to go and contest again with this same people still in the party you are in, with this people still leading. They did it before. What stops them from doing it to you again?', she asked.

But that is not the news. SBD reliably gathered Osifo has decided to put the past behind her and take a shot at the House of Representative seat once again. But this time, the former commissioner who recently defected to the Action Congress(AC) would be seeking the ticket of her new party to represent Oredo Federal Constituency in the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly.

SBD sources said she would be seeking to actualize her ambition on the AC platform based on her belief that the party would give a level playing ground to all aspirants.

Already, the womenfolk within the party are said to be clamouring and mobilizing for her concerning the primary elections. Those in the know said beside the womenfolk, other party stalwarts are equally yearning for Osifo .

They are said to be mobolizing to make sure she wins the primary whenever it is scheduled. But the question is: would there be a primary or would the AC use the ticket as political patronage? Only the AC leadership in the federal constituency can answer that question.