Okorocha Advised To Tow Path Of Civility


The attention of the campaign organization of Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Project Madumere 2019 has been drawn to Chief Rochas Okorocha’s outburst, insinuating that our revered leader, Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor still lives in his house and a beneficiary of his empowerment.

Were it not for the concern of the public, we would not have bothered joining issues with our Governor, having known him for his garrulous disposition and lack of control spewing whatever that comes to his mind.

We wish to call on the general public to disregard Chief Okorocha’s unfortunate blackmail against Prince Madumere. We understand Chief Okorocha’s predicament and soul-burdens, which are self-inflicted, following his callous and inhuman treatment against his Deputy and Imo people. We view his outburst as mere defense mechanism to cover up certain tracks.

We were miffed to learn that Governor Okorocha, in actuality, called Prince Madumere one of his political sons, among whom he empowered. He went further to, shamelessly, lie that Prince Madumere still lives in his house.

Governor Okorocha may have thought that he scored a political point by deriding Prince Madumere but unknown to him, he goofed. For us, it is wholly unfortunate that Governor Okorocha had no shame to face the camera to tell the whole world that his Deputy does not have a house of his own. May we inform the general public that Prince Madumere does not live in Okorocha’s house. Prince Madumere, despite the effort to impoverish him by denying him his entitlement and other out of pocket expenditures, has remained content with whatever he has acquired genuinely.

We wish to also urge Governor Okorocha to cast his mind back on how he met Prince Madumere. “Could Okorocha have been alive today if not for God’s grace through Madumere?”.

We are constrained from making some public utterances concerning Governor Okorocha because of the temperament of our Principal, Prince Madumere. He should however count his teeth with his tongue because a man who claims to be a leader should not be flippant and should not have short memory to the extent of forgetting those God used to rescue him.

Our consolation is that the good people of Imo State can never blame Madumere for his good deeds and sacrifices towards moulding Okorocha into developing his assumed leadership qualities, though we seem to be confused by the turn of events.

For now, we will not dwell on Okorocha’s trajectory, because while Prince Madumere remained his political principal officer before his quest to contest for the Governorship of the State, Madumere was the best negotiator he ever had.

Hon. Chris Nwaike Ph.D
Admin Secretary