Bet The End Of Tinubu Dynasty In Lagos

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Looking for just anybody to bet his house that this is the end of Yekini Amoda Ogunlere (alias Tinubu) in Lagos after Ambode succumbed, only some people would offer their houses. Most people would rather “siddon look” and others would bet with bitcoin. The reason is that after Tinubu worshipping of Pa Dawodu in order to secure the governorship against Funso Williams, he sent Pa Dawodu regretting to his grave. As for Funso Williams, the way he met his tragic death is still a mystery.

Tinubu is yet to meet his match in Lagos. So far, he has floored everyone he wanted to, by the wayside. Lagos remains the only place in Nigeria where outsiders can come and dominate the indigenous people. It is easier for a Yoruba to dominate since Lagosians originated from the same ethnic group. Each time Lagosians complained, the ready-made answer is: if they would rather prefer non-Yoruba to rule Lagos.

Lagosians pride themselves in morals, decency and background of their parents. They may love clean stylish expensive clothing, professions under their fathers’ gbetesi, fine wine, beautiful ladies and feferity like most privileged class; they were not vagabonds or intolerant. Unlike those days when they were taken for granted, Lagosians can boast of any profession worldwide in general and inside Nigeria particularly.

The fight between Tinubu and Fashola was between a Lagosian and Arokian from Iragbigi. If Tinubu could get Oba Eko to support him so that he and quibbling parties could get “settled” like many Nigerians, Fashola could only ask for his own price or lose everything. The fear of going to war with Tinubu has always been the reason he defeated all those that refused to give him more of all he wants in Lagos.

Lagosian are now American Indians in their own state as others decide their destiny. It is the same game that brought Ambode to power, that has capitulated his second term. Lagos is too sweet not to milk. None of them was willing to give up the potential booty in case Tinubu eventually got his way. The difference in the case of Ambode is that Lagosians were hoping they would both knock each other out since Ambode is from Ondo and Tinubu is from Osun State.

The fact that PDP was able to defeat APC in Osun, narrowly however, before APC won the rerun, shook Tinubu and his believers to his invulnerable myth to the core. They had to stage a comeback and retake Osun by every and all means necessary. Indeed, they did. However, it also demonstrated that Tinubu was not all that powerful as they thought he was. It was Mimiko that first demonstrated that in Ondo. Then, Akeredolu within APC. Just as he could not block Fayemi and Fashola as ministers in Buhari’s cabinet.

Indeed, Saraki defied him and became Senate President. Despite all the brinkmanship, heaven did not fall on Saraki. Saraki is so bold, he is promising Lagosians he has the magic to subdue Tinubu. Mind you, both Saraki and Tinubu are from the same magomago school of thought. Their only way to power is to loot the hell out of the state and bribe their way from the police, judges to renting a crowd to avoid jail.

Lagosians have been turned into spectators in their own state. They watch as non-indigenes fight over the control of their state. The fact that Tinubu is the biggest landlord in Lagos, the alpha and omega whose iron grip cannot be broken except by natural divine power is overblown. The prayer must be that Tinubu remains alive, well and hearty so that he could be dispossessed of all the loot. Otherwise his household would inherit all.

When we were growing up, there was this saying that “Eko O Gba Gbere Rara O’! These days, Eko gba ole, ole, vagabonds and looters to strive. They do not even have to be from Lagos. The only way to understand this is to remember another adage that Kokoro to nje ewa, inu ewa lo gbe. Lagosians are their own worst enemies. The way to explain that is to go back to Pa Dawodu again that gave Tinubu the opportunity to climb.

Funso Williams, Docemu, Finnih, Obanikoro, Tinubu and others were contesting for the Primary. Their game plan was to pitch tent together against Funso as the most viable and worry less about Tinubu as the least viable. They claimed Funso was not a member of NADECO when they were fighting Abacha. Once they got over Funso, non-Lagosian like Tinubu had no chance. Oh well, well, the rest is history.

Tinubu started with little lies about his origin, primary and secondary schools and even the university he graduated from in United States. His record of plea-deal for drug trafficking in United States was later exposed. The fact that he can still enter United States today makes him a suspect as their informer. All these have become no-big-deal in a country where armed and pen robbers brag that they are better than kidnappers.

So Lagosians Yoruba cousins have a point that but for them, Lagos could have been taken over by other ethnic groups. This is the advantage Tinubu exploit in Lagos. He had lost to Funso Williams during the Primary in Lagos but claimed he got more votes outside Lagos. His staying power in a state where he has no family or origin, is in the number of Lagosians’ Yoruba cousins that prefer him. So, he adopted Tinubu, Lagos close cousins from Abeokuta.

Lagosians were very accommodative to a fault. So much so that of all the cities and states in Nigeria, Lagos is the only place strangers call No Mans Land! In a country where everyone and state look after his own, Lagosians are struggling for recognition and leadership positions in their own state.

The real disadvantage they have in politics is that they are a minority inside their own state. But for the inclusion of greater Lagos as a state, they could have been overwhelmed. So today Ikeja, Badagry, Epe, Ikorodu and part of Ogun State are practically part of Lagos. Ironically, non-Lagosians do not know the difference between Lagos and the old Western Region. Many of them do not even live in Lagos.

The best Lagosians can hope for is the repeat of Governor Otedola ascendance when nobody would bet on him. He got in despite popular party in Lagos that got too confident and lost the gubernatorial election. Tinubu, his avarice and believers may get on their high horse hoping Lagos is their last their last place of respite. They are aware of how Pa Otedola became the Governor in Lagos and would guard against a repeat.

But na monkey go kill itself!