Tinubu As Godfather Atiku Or Saraki As President Is Chin-Bian

By Farouk Aresa Martins

Those of us pointing to China and Zambia (Chin-Bian) parasitic or commensalism relationship must watch where the rest of the four fingers are pointing to. The same way Lagosians lost their State to Yekini Amuda Ogunlere (alias Tinubu), we would lose Nigeria. Actually, we may have lost it already, what we need now is a rescue mission. As Lagos goes, so goes Nigeria. Africa is so indebted to western and Chinese loans with very little to show for it in a century.

When most reasonable people keep on digging deeper into their own graves, one would expect that at certain point, they would stop after realizing they are not getting anywhere redeemable. Asians and the western world are now competing with one another about which loan is better for Africa! So Africans do not know what is good for them, abi?

Tinubu settles his differences only if he gets bigger percentage of our state revenue. We just love parasites in our midst. They are like those rats that chew parts of your body while blowing it to make you feel good. Otherwise, it is hard to understand why we keep on voting for the bad politicians that are comfortable promising heaven and earth when we know they are never up to any good. They appeal to our weakest points as ethnicity, greed and stomach infrastructure.

Look at the crop of people parading themselves as Presidential candidates, their only qualification is the ability to steal, rig and usurp positions against party or electoral rules. They have no ideology to preach or for us to emulate but the ability to jump from one party to another without any principle or what they stand for. What is amazing is that they have enough of our money to buy anyone including the crowd, police, judge and jury.

So, can they buy all of us? This says more about how individuals have polluted our community with impunity where bandits in broad daylight would be campaigning for votes. Otherwise such vices and corrupt mentalities would not flourish within us. However, there are image makers trying to white-wash all the atrocities they had committed as acts of omission, neglect, mistake or misunderstanding. Some even claimed they had compensated our loss from their pockets.

Atiku or Saraki for President? Please! These are the reasons Africa’s giant has been paralyzed by OBJ’s Transcorp Thieves, USA law refugees, bank bandits that robbed and embezzled the saving of common people at Society General Bank, continued until lately to milk the people of Kwara State of funds and pension needed for development and salary while at the same time looting as the Senate President. Who is it we hate so much more than ourselves?

There is a lesson most of us must learn here: after all the money looted by moneybags, it was not enough. They now want the opportunity to become President. After all, some of them are godfathers of governors. So the next step is to stand for the highest office in the land. If billions were not enough, would trillions or more be enough without looking for another toy to play with or stimulate their fancy?

We thought these people have all the money, houses, cars, ladies and men they want. Yet, they shed crocodile tears, buy guguru and groundnut in public to appear like one of us just to garner votes, goodwill and sympathy. Yepa, they even ask us to buy them party nomination forms. It is surprising that they actually think sensible people would believe them or they are appealing to their favorite constituency - “the uneducated” like in other “saner” climes of the world.

Each of these candidates from Tambulwa to those Obasanjo are anointing today, had breached the trust of the people, the rules of their parties jumping from one bed to another and humiliated themselves around the world getting jailed, plea bargain, showing lack of integrity, fair play and good dealings. Still, they want our votes to wash their outrageous conducts away.

Many of them are internationally wanted fugitives running away from international laws they have violated: money laundering laws by their rapacious greed. But these are folks that want to represent our country on the world stage. If they have lost all sense of remorse or guilt, they should spare the decent people left in this country, the humiliation. This is why most of the folks in the country have given up. Saro say na poor I poor no be craze I craze.

Agreed that we do not have desirable candidates one is proud of, apart from the new younger candidates. Most folks are not giving the fresh faces a chance to win since the same voters are not bold enough to give them the confidence to boost their chances. It does not mean we should neglect all rational thinking and encourage bandits into the highest office. They are well known looters, yet they have the guts to be running for President and anointing governors.

It is hard to say if it is a question of collective short term memories loss, especially about the best show we ever witness after “If you Tarka me I go Darbo you”. It was an open roforofo fight between Obasanjo and Atiku on how they wasted Government Parastatals in the name of privatization. It was enough to ban both of them and their descendants from politics for life. Yet, these two men are seeking the good grace of one another and men like them to contest.

Imagine Tinubu and Saraki still on the Nigerian stage? We do not know if Tinubu was crying for Pa Dawodu he sent to his grave regretting or crying for his pocket. One would think we have had enough of Saraki too. The fact that a man of soiled past in Society Generale Bank, Kwara State and as rigged Senate President, for the same goal to loot anything loot-able, is contesting for President. It says more about our community as a whole than each individual.

The standard has been so low, some of us prefer pen robbers to armed robbers. Others prefer kidnappers to pen robbers, as long as they do not kill their victims. Fraudsters are coming out claiming they only swindle the rich and not the poor. Then yahoo-yahoo boys claim they do not hurt Africans, only greedy folks abroad. These are behavior or habits most Africans discouraged by any name but our communities have fallen apart.

When we get to the point of rogues, armed robbers and 419s comparing characters as more desirable than the other, we must wonder which of our ancestors were sold into slavery so that we could enjoy looking at the mirrors given to us in exchange. The fact that we are not literally selling them today in exchange for iPhone, does not mean we are not driving them out into the sea and deserts for slave trader and for human parts.

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