T.b. Joshua Rebukes The Rich In Fiery Sermon

By Ihechukwu Njoku

Pastor T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria has released another bombshell message, specifically challenging the wealthy and those in leadership positions in society.

“Don't let your wealth deceive you - you have not got there,”Joshua stressed to congregants at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 16thSeptember 2018. “Man's natural gifts cannot make one succeed. Success is all about the spirit, supernatural. If our leaders know this, superiority complex and all of these fights will cease - if they know they are not what they think they are. Vanity upon vanity.”

According to the cleric, spiritual prosperity must always take the priority. “Your spiritual life is the engine that will carry your success. If you are not prospering in your spiritual life and you are great, your greatness will be fading away gradually because there is nothing to carry it… You will realise the money will be spending you instead of you spending the money.”

Providing examples, Joshua questioned why people quickly change location when they experience financial prosperity. “The rich are living together and the poor are living together – who will help the poor? And you are blessed to bless others... Don’t let money control you; let the Giver of that money control you.”

He added that if one receives financial breakthrough after receiving prayers but then distances himself from God, his actions will come at the price of peace. “You can run away with riches and wealth but His peace of heart, you cannot run away with. God will be looking at you to see the money He has given you – how you spend it will determine the peace of God in your heart.”

The founder of Emmanuel TV added that a brief survey of society would reveal how a large majority of the ‘rich and wealth people’ lack peace. “How do you know they don’t have peace? The conflict among them will tell you these people don’t have peace. Peace does not want conflict. It is always fighting for peace, unity and love.”

The cleric counselled people to listen to their hearts. “What your heart is telling you now is what you are. People can see you as a poor man but your heart is telling you that you are great – indeed, you are great. While you rich – your heart can be telling you that you are the poorest in the world, upon all your cash. It means such money will not last. Whatever you cannot enjoy to the last is not of God.”

The cleric concluded that Christians must endeavour to prosper first in their spiritual lives and keep their hearts “busy” praising God.

“Sin is never covered by our appearance, by our presence, by our prayers or by our tears. Sin can only be removed by repentance,”he emphasised to the congregation.

The sermon, which was later uploaded onto Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, is not the first message in which the cleric has spoken against the love of money.

He recently decried the amount of ‘dirty money’ being brought into Church, stressing that pastors should be concerned with the source of tithes and offerings.

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Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist…